If you are having trouble understanding the election

21 08 2010

Hat tip: Dave the Happy Singer

You can learn much from this video which offers a brief overview of recent politics and issues in Australia.

Yes. It is true. In Australia we choose our leader by dangling rancid meat and political portraits before a crocodile pit and hurl beer cans at those crocodiles.


Time travellers caught on film

24 04 2010

Look at the picture below. This is quite likely an actual unedited 1940s photograph of the reopening of a bridge in British Columbia.

Can you spot the alleged time traveler?

What are your immediate thoughts and explanations?

Full story and investigation at forgetomori. It probably is not a hoax. But it also probably is not time travel. And it is interesting nonetheless.

Interesting quote on the ‘why then and there’ skeptical thinking: “Of course, because we know nothing happened there right? But if we are considering time travel, how can we know if in some other timeline something historical happened right there?”

Worst suicide attempt ever

2 06 2009

You gotta admit, it’s shows quite some guts (and that’s just for using a pun in the title, oh, Dr Spiers…) .

Can anyone find a print of the complete article?

It sounds interesting.

Hattip: the ever awesome AIR

Pine in the lungs

2 05 2009

Creepiest story ever over at i09.

Some commenters over there havepointed out the original source for the story is an unreliable Russian tabloid, but still, inhaling a branch of a pine tree is a pretty big effort. And that’s a good 8 inches of lungs they seem to have cut out.

It’s just more proof that if we don’t kill those trees, they will kill us.

Robotic heads, Abe Lincoln, gun-toting monkeys and of course, zombies

25 11 2008

via iO9

I was going to post about some more interesting news…

Then I watched this…

… my post title barely touches what is awesome in this awesome steampunk pilot of awesomeness

I’m going to sleep now because nothing will ever be as awesome as the last 20 minutes. Nothing.

If MacGyver wore a bra

23 10 2008

He would have this one.

Normally I when I bring up crazy bras they are usually Japanese – remember that one that turned into a shopping bag.

Well Americans went a bit further – with a bra that can turn into not just one anti-terrorist gas mask, but two.

I can see it now – during a gas attack, women calmly stripping off their undergarments in response … the chaos… the sweet beautiful chaos.

Taking the piss out of dingoes

22 09 2008

…and spraying it over Tasmania’s new growth forests.

Now this is an interesting “weird” science story. Dingo urine has been chosen as an innovative natural marsupial repellant.

But what sort of threat do kangaroos pose to lumberjacks and pulp mills exactly? Why is cyanide being used to kill native fauna in the first place?

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