It’s Alive!! Promo banners

The “It’s Alive!!” Banner. Mk I.

Critter collage…

Thanks to artists:1981 Adam, cskk, swh, g-na zayzayem, and the US government (NIAID)

Image by zayzayem ◊2008 – free to use, remix & share under CC2.

Banners made by zayzayem for external sites

These have been made for sites too lazy to make their own. I think banners look much better than just words and help make my side bar look pretty.

feel free to hotlink directly to these at your own risk – at least until I get a notice saying wordpress or blogger will hunt down bandwidth thieves

PHD Comics – original art stolen from jorge cham. File hosted at blogger.

Dr McNinja – original art stolen from chris hastings. File hosted at blogger.

Goats – original art stolen from jonathon rosenberg and cheaply modified. File hosted at blogger.

Herman the Manatee – original art stolen from Jason Viola and Manatee Power Media LLC. File hosted at wordpress.

Banners from other websites.

Rehosted on wordpress. Feel free to hotlink till I say otherwise.

Atheist Blogroll

Atheist Blogroll (mojoey).

Demonology 101

Demonology 101 by Faith Erin Hicks. An online comic about highschool and other forces of evil.

Ask Dr Eldritch by Evan M. Nichols. Not just a webcomic, imaginary metaphysical advice column and more.

Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto


I Was Kidnapped by lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!! by Megan Rose Gedris


CharlieHorse by KrazyKrow

Marilith Webcomic

Marilith, also by KrazyKrow

Eerie Cuties, by Gisèle “Giz” Lagacé and Dave Zero1

Mènage à 3, also by Giz and Dave Zero1 (NSFW)

Sluggy Freelance, by Pete Abrams

Featuring Talking Guinea Pigs!, by Jeff Mumm

The Zombie Hunters, by Jenny Romanchuk

Multiplex, by Gordon McAlpin

Nerf This, by Scott Ferguson

Curvy, by M. Magdalene (NSFW)


2 responses

12 08 2008
Banners ahoy! « It’s Alive!!

[…] Banners […]

22 09 2008

Thanks for the link… I do have some banners that I need to make public!

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