Hump day happy: Head splitting success

18 11 2009

Surgery to separate the conjoined heads of Bangladeshi twins Krishna and Trishna at the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital has been announced as initially successful.

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Drunken doc on doc action

27 10 2008

Some Australian medical graduates don’t seem to be able to keep themselves out of the medicine cabinet, or the liquor cabinet.

An Australian Medical Association survey found 38% of recent graduates only 2 years into hospital-based traineeship were self medicating, including some who were writing their own prescriptions.

There was also a small, but still measurable minority who were using alcohol as a coping strategy to deal with stress.

Anna Rexiosis

7 10 2008

No one is going understand that. So don’t even try.

“I was never anorexic, so I was never that skinny… I was never bony-bony. But I remember thinking, ‘I don’t want to be this skinny.’” – Kate Moss to Interview, emphasis not in source (celebrityfix)

While Kate Moss may not have had a weight-conscious psychological disorder, she may still have been anorexic. Anorexia is a medical term for loss of appetite, no matter the underlying cause. And its generally not any less healthy if its brought on by stress, drugs or religious motivation.

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Snip decision

29 09 2008

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“You have well developed canines”

1 09 2008

I’ll take things you don’t want to hear (or say) on a date for $500. Oh what an interesting weekend…

This photo got so many positive comments on my facebook profile.

Two vampire links today:

Via A Good Poopsome “nasty ass case reports” at forensic nurse detailing real-life cases of haemophagy (blood consumption) behaviour. Sadly Bobbi Jo sinks into blaming Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Masquerade, and even D & D, for dangerous sadomachistic behaviour. With some weird witchhunt-esque scaremongering about a Tome entitled “Book of Shadows”.

There is also this Penny Arcade comic. My sister had a little chat about me borrowing her Laurel K. Hamilton novels. Honestly I’m with the blonde stranger, Hamilton actually had talent. The books were actually quite good before, not that the freaky voodoo sex is a turn off or anything.

Fate of the two-headed baby

1 09 2008

Kiron, the Bangladeshi two-headed baby, died from a fever after being taken home from hospital. His parents could not afford to keep him in hospital.

This happened in the time it took for me to drive home from work…

The baby had two heads, but one stomach, one set of genitals, and a single complete set of limbs (two arms and four legs) – click the link  above for a photo.

This is a case incomplete twinning (developmental issues, not a bizarre mutation) – but would Kiron count as two babies or one? If you had to chop off one head, how would you choose?

The baby was apparently rather healthy (probably a victim of impovershed conditions, more than anything developmental) – could he have grown up normally? Would the heads have individual egos? How much control would they have over limbs?

Don’t scratch that itch

29 06 2008

WARNING: This story is very freaky and graphic in its description.

You may never be able to scratch again.

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