Away and be gone

10 04 2010

The big wide world of the future looms ever closer with every passing moment.

Every time some one reminds me that June, practicals, and then graduations are only “a few months away” I sense it.

Thankfully some stress can fade away this week, as I have finally gotten away my application to Education Queensland. Hopefully they will see it within in their graciousness to bequeath upon me some kind of position to tide me over until my sister’s wedding next year, and the money to reach Canada for it.

In the pre-service teacher careers seminar I attended the EQ representative did say that “early February” was a good time to submit applications to maximise the chance of mid-year appointment. Perhaps I am a little late. But, given this seminar occurred in late February, I am not sure quite what I was expected to do about that. Read the rest of this entry »


Abortion in Queensland – is it what you think?

12 08 2009

If you criminalise abortion, what do you expect will happen?

(The Australian) TEGAN Simone Leach was 19, pregnant and “scared” when her boyfriend’s sister arrived in Cairns last Christmas Day with a consignment of contraband tablets and doctor’s instructions written in Ukrainian.

What transpired after Ms Leach allegedly terminated her pregnancy with the abortion pill RU486 and the Queensland police got involved, has unleashed a legal and political storm of the like not seen before in this country.

Ms Leach will face court next month charged with the crime of procuring her own miscarriage, in what is believed to be the first case of its kind to be brought under Queensland’s century-old abortion laws.

If convicted, she faces up to seven years’ jail.

The young man in her life, Sergie Brennan, 21, faces up to 14 years’ imprisonment for attempting to procure an abortion and three years’ jail on a further charge of supplying the means to procure an abortion. [more]

As expected there is quite a lot of anger coming from liberal left sector – with the launch of the Pro-choice Action Collective in Queensland. They have a facebook group and a website. But is this the right case to be defending? Read the rest of this entry »

Moving in pictures

12 07 2009
From this:
North Sydney view of Harbour


To this:

The Derelict


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For just one dollar a day

29 06 2009

No, I am not about  to con you into some religious sponsorship program.* Absolutely no African children for sale here.

It’s about SunSmart awareness and skin cancer prevention. The idea is that for $1 per day per person the Australian government could encourage people to regularly use sunscreen and prevent over 100,000 cancers and 20 deaths each year. This is based on some trials done in Queensland.

Now some of you might be trying to do the math. It is a little over 8 billion dollars annually for Australia’s 22 million inhabitants. But the authors make a compelling case by comparing it to the cost of public cosmetics expenditure, as well as government spending on vaccines (which cost $100s per dose).

Sunscreen is important for all Australians.

An exemplary example of framing science?

*Food for thought on religious-based missions here, here, and here

Pandemic panic epidemic

28 05 2009

I have a few posts lined up about swine flu. With Australian cases of A/H1N1 Mexican influenza have been steadily creeping up, I should try and get them out before we all die or something.

But i’ll take my chances and post them tomorrow, it’s getting quite late.

However I just loved that one of my friends back home pasted this on facebook. The local paper is panicking that some cruise ship that dropped of some infected passengers in Sydney (more about them later) has detoured so that instead of being distantly offshore of the Queensland coast in the Great Barrier Reef, it is now slightly less distantly offshore of the Queensland coast in the Great Barrier Reef. [Insert dramatic tone].

I’m struggling to work out how exactly it could travel along the east side of Australia without at some point being “off the coast of Rockhampton” (I’m going to just ignore the Bully momentarily forgetting that Rockhampton is not on the coast).

Mingers are Grinners – Mt Isa mayor

20 08 2008

Direct quote:

“Quite often you will see walking down the street a lass who is not so attractive with a wide smile on her face, Whether it is recollection of something previous or anticipation for the next evening, there is a degree of happiness”

And this is how Mt Isa mayor, John Molony is hoping to attract women to his electorate. (Calling all ugly chicks! The Age. Seeking ugly women for Outback’s lonely hearts AP.

Moloney has been panned world-wide (Wanted: Ugly Women – New York Sun) for daring to utter the phrase “beauty-challenged” when referring to the fairer sex. For a man who claims political-correct-speak is akin to “grabbing a turd by the clean end”, I actually applaud John’s effort (which may have been undone by his descriptions of beauty-challenged as missing teeth an/or having one ear lower than than the other). Stay strong brother. (Mayor won’t say sorry – Daily Telegraph).

Moloney’s message is positive one. He’s offering hope to all those low self-esteemed ladies out there who want to find their own rugged unshaven coal-covered flannelette wearing bogan (on $100K+ a year) to tame.  It’s nice to see a male role model telling women there is still hope for them, even if that hope lies in Mt Isa of all places.

He’s not even calling Mt Isa women ugly – which seems to be another major complaint. He is however possibly saying they are right up for it, which might actually have the reverse of the intended affect. Guys aren’t too picky. Being told that out that there are women, even lopsided-eared toothless women, who are actually anticipating the drunken night of debauchery ahead may attract even more oversexed males to the heart of Northwest Queensland.

Koala vs Cactus

11 08 2008

Who will win?

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