Roughhousing Aussie Youth

1 06 2009

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Kangaroo sequences, cocaininated bees and stupid robots

30 12 2008

Here’s a rapid fire dump of some stories that remain in my “to post” box.

Yes, one’s that are trying to get away.

Taking the piss out of dingoes

22 09 2008

…and spraying it over Tasmania’s new growth forests.

Now this is an interesting “weird” science story. Dingo urine has been chosen as an innovative natural marsupial repellant.

But what sort of threat do kangaroos pose to lumberjacks and pulp mills exactly? Why is cyanide being used to kill native fauna in the first place?

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Leads Wanted on Cowardly Kangaroo Kicker

13 09 2008

Pretty sickening.
Ninemsn report. Photo stills.

Young man (if we can call as such) comes across a wounded kangaroo and promptly decides to practice kickboxing on it, and videotapes it. Shameful fool then uploads the video online.

The video is no longeravailable for scrutiny. Part of me sort of hopes this was some sort of staged prank (with an old stuffed real kangaroo) that no one wants to admit to anymore.

The RSPCA is still searching for any leads on the indentity of the thug. Charges could amount to a 5 year jail sentance for an adult.

Russia banning roo meat over antibiotics

24 07 2008

The Australian: “Russia bans Aussie ‘antibiotic’ meat

Russia has imposed temporary bans on meat coming from processing plants in eight countries, including Australia, following a crackdown by its inspectors.

Three kangaroo and one beef plant are affected …

Russian federal service for veterinary surveillance, Rosselkhoznadzor, said temporary bans were imposed after it found antibiotics in meat products.

How exactly are kangaroos getting full of antibiotics? These are not factory farmed animals but generally harvested (as well as you can harvest with a rifle) wild populations.