Even the fish hate America

3 11 2008

In case any American readers visit this page during the next 24 hours. Greg Laden has a low down on why your voice really does matter.

And back to the amusing ecological story…

You all know that animals have that sixth sense that warns them against nature.

Birds fly away just before tidal waves strike. Dogs start barking before earthquakes. Cats snarl and hiss at evil henchmen.

Well, is it an Omen that apparently Alaskan fish are migrating north into Russia rather than stay in US oceans. (LA Times – via the great beyond)

Chief suspect numero uno is climate change.

Running away from the USA may not exactly help the fishes cause. Russia’s fishery regulation is not known to be any improvement on Alaska’s. Russia seems to be playing impossibly cool with “No fish here…”


If MacGyver wore a bra

23 10 2008

He would have this one.

Normally I when I bring up crazy bras they are usually Japanese – remember that one that turned into a shopping bag.

Well Americans went a bit further – with a bra that can turn into not just one anti-terrorist gas mask, but two.

I can see it now – during a gas attack, women calmly stripping off their undergarments in response … the chaos… the sweet beautiful chaos.

Ur Konomee is Kboken

15 10 2008

The US Economy, A train wreck
see famous look-a-like faces

Quack Economics

13 10 2008

via Web’s Random Ideas.

Money from nothing just doesn’t solve things.

Even this scenario is better than the “bailout” that has been announced for US Wall St.

Everyone in Ducktown gets rich, so $500 bus fairs are only a problem in terms of increasing back pain (chiropracters rejoice).

But artificially inflating only the already wealthy, you create the same inflation, but not everyone gets caught up to the new price scheme. Prices will rise (or stay the same), but wages will not rise (or more likely fall, at least on an average thanks to growing unemployment). Less insanely wealthy people is a good thing, as prices will have to fall to what people can afford. As long as enough people are still willing and able to pay high prices, prices will remain high.

Right Wing attempts to show environmental side…

21 09 2008

… by recycling the misinformation campaign they used against John Kerry…

(yes, by “right wing” we mean FOX news)

Hat tip: A Few Things Ill Considered

Psychologists do their bit to make Nature look less of a dick

4 08 2008

I’m sure they can rationalise it along those lines.

I don’t think I can (and keep a straight face).

This act of dickery makes superman seem like a really nice guy.

For your reference – be reminded of Nature’s new policy on open access. They’ll allow a simple one-step submission process that will allow authors to mark their work for open access release, in six months. Some people are upset claiming that this locks in Nature’s stronghold on knowledge. Others, myself included, think its a fair, possibly even outright polite, kind of move from a company that has a right to protect its own interests.

Rather than provide a free service, the American Psychological Association proposed a new strategy, whereby they would charge authors – $2,500 US per publication – to transfer the works into public access, twelve months after initial publication

The APA is “reconsidering” their new policy. You think?