Some of the world’s finest teachers

17 08 2010

Part of our requirements to achieve successful teacher registration and qualification is to complete a professional learning profile, which must include a log of professional development activities.

This might include current or previous jobs, research, volunteer work, PD sessions, or even trawling through youtube and

So for those of you who might need something to add to those personal development logs, or just gain a clue in the classroom watch these global experts at work.

Embedded videos below the fold.

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A deadly vengeance of deadly revenge most deadly and vengeful

25 04 2010

I played a game of Dr. Who Mao* the other week and was lost by all these references to damnfangled new doctors and catchphrases (actually I was also stumped by a reference to obscure old tape episodes too). If only I had seen this video sooner:

Curse of Fatal Death Part Two (with lots of guest stars) HERE.

*If you don’t know the game Mao, I’ll explain later.

More farming scams

16 11 2009

There has to be some sort of catch … surely …

What, there’s a reputation to uphold?

5 11 2009

This week’s storm in teacup is brought to you by comedy-news-quiz show (we can’t afford individual shows in Australia) Good News Week and Akmal Saleh.

Akmal took the opportunity of national television to go on an expletive filled rant about the people of Rockhampton. This has upset Rockhampton, and the little git has apologised. Too be fair apparently he was punched in the by some woman in an alley who accused him of being a paedophile wog, but hey, who hasn’t?

The ever reliable Morning Bulletin reports Akmal’s version of events at the Rocky Show earlier this year:

The funny man had three days off in Rockhampton and decided to take a camera to the show with his two mates.

The friends dressed in traditional Arabian outfits and did a Borat-esque skit.

The trio was lining up for a ride in sideshow alley when an angry mum confronted them.

“Listen here mate, you’ve got to have permission before you video people’s children,” the woman said.

Akmal said he tried to tell the woman she had it wrong and offered to show her the tape.

“Bulls—, you’re f—ing taping people’s children and you’re a pedophile, you dirty wog (expletive),” she said.

“Go away you idiot,” Akmal said before she punched him in the nose.

She whacked him again, “full-on punches” to his face.

“We just bolted,” Akmal said.

“I thought if we stayed we’d be lynched.”


You call that a Halloween?

4 11 2008

No ghouls or goblins rampantly terrorising the streets of Sydney from what i saw.

Oh. *Yawn*

You try getting a virgin sacrifice in this climate:

Halloween ‘not what it used to be’ complain satanists

Britain’s satanists and occultists united yesterday to call for a return to the ‘true meaning of Halloween’, amid concerns that commercialism threatens to overwhelm their traditional festival.

‘Hallloween is about giving – giving a virgin a quick deflowering before sacrificing her to the prince of darkness’ said James Faust of the Union of British Devil Worshippers. ‘Where did all the sweets come from? Satan isn’t fat! We want people to see past the pumpkins and crap fancy dress and look at our core beliefs.’

Great satire. But they have mixed up Satanism with occultism.

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Second-hand underpants

17 10 2008

It’s not that serious yet…

But feeling Pet Shop Boy-ish this weekend…

I just want some muesli … man.

Cheap Bathtub Biker Speed

10 10 2008


Does it really say that?


Amy the Taxidermist: davethehappysinger

21 09 2008

Looking forward to attending a Dave The Happy Singer gig sometime in the not-to-distant future – as long as I do not see a cake on stage (if only because then Rachel’s giggling would be even more distracting).

(Hattip: Alan and Rachel for video)

Midget Gems?

20 08 2008

I’ve noticed some feedstealers have been taking stories of this site. Thankfully none seem too unsavoury. And they do attribute. But these guys got my name wrong. What the hell are midget gems?

Apparently either:

a delicious fruit confectionary from the UK (like starbursts?)


a comedy writer, also from the UK (who might need to learn green beret skills to protect himself from blue-haired copyright infringement lawyers with ).