Beasts of bone and steel

10 11 2009

via iO9

Check out this gallery of awesome art pieces that combine mammal skeletons with steam-punk-esque machinations by Ron Bell.

Bell’s series “Osteomechanics” and “Crania Mechanica,” integrate animal bones into imagined machinery. With the heavy use of brass and electrical prongs, they have a steampunk feel, but Bell’s core inspiration comes from 18th Century scientist Luigi Galvani, who experimented with delivering an electrical spark to animal muscles. The sculptures are supposed to evoke a sense of mystery, leaving the viewer to wonder at the era and person that gave rise to these strange little machines, and what scientific problem they were meant to solve.


Give me back my test!!

28 08 2009
Hey dude, why did you paint a vagina on your face?

Hey dude, why did you paint a vagina on your face?

Congratulations! Wikipedia has managed to piss of another segment of society. Psychologists can now be added to a growing list that includes Encyclopedia Britannica, Scientologists, high school teachers, and UK censors.

via i09: Wikipedia now includes not only the questions, but potential answers and marking criteria, for the traditional Rorschach blot test (spoilers there). So you can study up to prove your sanity (or insanity if you’re after a section 8)

I did not realise that their was such a stock set of 10 images. I knew their had to be a stock (in order to have some level of objectivity in analysis), but did not realise that all subjects would get the same 10 images everytime. Isn’t this sort of exposé sort of inevitable. Surely someone sweating an upcoming test can find, at the very least, a psychology textbook that would have the exact same information that Wikipedia now contains. Or do they do a full background check on people purchasing such texts to ensure they are part of the inner circle of psychology?

Now why don’t we have some fun.

Have your own go looking at each of the images uploaded to Wikimedia: Image 1. Image 2. Image 3. Image 4. Image 5. Image 6. Image 7. Image 8. Image 9. Image 10.

(If you want to test yourself, write down your initial responses now, otherwise I might ‘prime’ you. Be as detailed or succinct as you like.)

Have a look at my jumbled responses below the fold. See if you can match them with right image (and your own responses). You can then go back to the Wikipedia page and look at the ‘official responses’ and feel free to play psychologist.

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Pine in the lungs

2 05 2009

Creepiest story ever over at i09.

Some commenters over there havepointed out the original source for the story is an unreliable Russian tabloid, but still, inhaling a branch of a pine tree is a pretty big effort. And that’s a good 8 inches of lungs they seem to have cut out.

It’s just more proof that if we don’t kill those trees, they will kill us.

Robotic heads, Abe Lincoln, gun-toting monkeys and of course, zombies

25 11 2008

via iO9

I was going to post about some more interesting news…

Then I watched this…

… my post title barely touches what is awesome in this awesome steampunk pilot of awesomeness

I’m going to sleep now because nothing will ever be as awesome as the last 20 minutes. Nothing.

I <3 Coon

15 11 2008

Honestly it is the only cheese I buy.

Muffin* additions:

Angry Aussie


Observations of a Nerd


Kitty Mow Mow

*ask Greg

I want a giant robot that can fly… with a sword!

14 11 2008

Bats with bombs. Remote controlled insects. Synthetic telepthy. The U.S. Department of Defense has something of a reputation for flushing funds into some crazy-shit ideas that seem inspired by Saturday Morning cartoons. The blur between fiction and reality with DARPA possibly comes from them treating Starship Troopers as a guidebook.

But if there is anyone who can give the US military a run for their crazy monopoly money on mega projects. Or should we say mecha-projects. Japan has just announced they are going to create Gundams. For Real. That’s right half-robot half-fighter jet and all-awesome.

With Japan not having any officially sanctioned military forces (just a self-defense force), I am curious as to what non-weaponized applications a giant man-shaped pilotable vehicle that also wields a giant-ass sword and/or gun actually might have. Children’s parties? Oh, hell yes!

And has anyone thought of the carbon footprint left by what is essentially an un-aerodynamic fighter jet?

Mars attacked by robot ants from Earth

8 11 2008

via io9

Yes, those planets are the right way round.

Maybe they are just going to turn the red planet into a big 1950s space horror theme park. Personally I’d much rather a Total Recall theme.

I-SWARM is an EU brainchild that has tiny robots working together to accomplish tasks. Not only will they be small and versatile, but they will adapt to new scenarios, and use a mega-Voltron form to accomplish difficult tasks.

Sounds great. If they don’t kill us all. Autonomous robots capable of “anything” are not exactly going to calm down technophobic doomsayers.

They are microbots, not nanobots, so we are hopefully avoiding the grey goo scenario. Maybe apocalypse by M&Ms?

Anyway, I’m not against them on techno-grounds. I’d just rather it wasn’t ants. Robotic spiders are awesome though.