Get to know your inner stormtrooper

22 10 2008

via DBiDW

Oh, how far cellular animations have come.

This video illustrating the cellular mechanics behind some Nobel-worthy Australian research that laid the foundation for modern immunology is just amazing.

It avoids all the silly cliches behind and just amazes you with crystal clear realistic microscopically detailed models.

No crappy cheesy soundtrack. No silly metaphors with “machines”, “tools” or anthropomorphic representations of cells as police officers. No simple to understand but very non-representative line drawings.

The language is great (only had a quibble about “hairs” for the expressed antigens, but its a fair metaphor).

And the best thing is that the whole process is illustrated as a relatively undirected process. Things just fall into place causing reactions. No “choices” are made by cellular “brains”. The antigen locks into place at a receptor, which activates a specific cell.

It even shows how the cellular membrane is a wobbly dynamic fluid, filled with mobile receptors just drifting through.

We want more of these. More. More. MORE!!




One response

29 11 2010
John Mac Lellan

Hello: I enjoyed reading your article on the animation production in regards to a cell biology lesson on one section of the immune system. I have been teaching high school biology for the past 27 years. Five years ago I created a new set of cell biology magnetic manipulative teaching models. Thes models can be viewed on my website ( and are now being sold around the world. My models are the only unifying cell biology teaching models in the world. You stated at the end of your Blog “More. More. MORE!!” Well, I have being do more for the past five years. I look forward to hearing from you.

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