Taking the piss out of dingoes

22 09 2008

…and spraying it over Tasmania’s new growth forests.

Now this is an interesting “weird” science story. Dingo urine has been chosen as an innovative natural marsupial repellant.

But what sort of threat do kangaroos pose to lumberjacks and pulp mills exactly? Why is cyanide being used to kill native fauna in the first place?

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Taking the piss out of alchemy

4 09 2008

One of the last posts of mine (actually the alleged “last post“) on the old blog was about the virtue of alchemy as predecessor to modern investigative science.

While alchemy’s main basis in Hermetic mythology and the ability to transmute metals into gold may have been grounded in woo – much of the foundation for chemistry – physical and organic was laid down by alchemists.

The AIRchives has an interesting art based portrayal of one of these science-based areas of alchemical expertise – extraction of phosphorous – from urine.

Now you know what’s in all those scientists beakers…

Blood, sweat, tears and miscellaneous bodily fluids

23 07 2008

via TGB

Got urine?

NASA will take it. From anyone and anybody apparently.