Roughhousing Aussie Youth

1 06 2009

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… must … resist … urge … to … post … cuteness …


Synergy in Nature

12 05 2009

With Our Powers Combined

Snorg Tees

Koala cuteness tragedies

23 02 2009

via F U Penguin (language)

Do not share your water bottle with koalas kids, you could get Chlamydia…

Michael Manuel and his wife used a soup ladle to feed this koala in their yard at Upper Sturt.

Click through for a larger picture. AdelaideNOW (News Ltd) has a complete gallery of thirsty koalas snapped while the Victorian bushfires raged.

Donations can be made to the RedCross bushfire appeal here. Donations can also be made to the RedCross to assist floodstruck North Queensland.

Fair go, mate

22 01 2009

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Pygmy monkeys return from the dead

25 11 2008

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Cute and cuddly animal babies!

29 10 2008

Cute overload not enough cute to actual “overload” you?

Well, go to ZOOBORNS then. Showcasing the “newest and cutest exotic animal babies from zoos and aquariums around the world”

Everything is adorable.

I won’t eat meat for the next … 6 hours (time for bed).

I love the picture of the baby orang-utan. It looks so much like a human baby. It is amazing. No wonder the name for these apes derives from “man of the forest”. If a human had all-over long shaggy red body hair, I don’t think you would be able to tell them much apart.

More squishy cuteness

30 09 2008

Helping my friend study English…

and then I’m away for the long weekend.

So live with some more cute cute squishy things

(I’d rather Linda Marigliano… *sigh*)