Fate of the two-headed baby

1 09 2008

Kiron, the Bangladeshi two-headed baby, died from a fever after being taken home from hospital. His parents could not afford to keep him in hospital.

This happened in the time it took for me to drive home from work…

The baby had two heads, but one stomach, one set of genitals, and a single complete set of limbs (two arms and four legs) – click the link  above for a photo.

This is a case incomplete twinning (developmental issues, not a bizarre mutation) – but would Kiron count as two babies or one? If you had to chop off one head, how would you choose?

The baby was apparently rather healthy (probably a victim of impovershed conditions, more than anything developmental) – could he have grown up normally? Would the heads have individual egos? How much control would they have over limbs?




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