It lives on in you

5 07 2010


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Something smells fishy about this sushi

5 04 2010

Click frame for complete comic at Ménage á 3 (NB: comics can be NSFW).

One of the activities that has seen me diverted from blogging duties has been a Japanese language group I joined last year.

Despite Brisbane and Queensland in general being a popular destination for Japanese in Australia, the Japanese students and visitors I’ve met complain it is hard to find authentic Japanese cuisine. With sushi bars approximately every 200 meters, it may seem difficult to believe. But even I notice that many of the city’s sushi bars are actually owned an/or staffed by Koreans (complete with Korean signs, Korean pop star posters, and Korean community papers and zines on display etc.).

Korean restauranteurs posing as Japanese is not anything entirely new or restricted to just Brisbane or Australia (Ménage is set in Montreal, and here is an article with the Japanese government wagging a finger at L.A.). Why does it happen?

I can’t find anything exactly investigating the phenomenon. I don’t think it is because old war issues, because they are as likely to be with Japanese as Koreans. And I don’t think it is because people don’t like Korean food, because, at least in Brisbane there are still plenty of of Korean restaurants around. Anyone know of another suggestion? Perhaps it is just that there are some Koreans who open Japanese restaurants.

Kid’s consciences say the darndest things

19 06 2009

I love this comic from SnowFlakes (click through for entire panel and final gag)

Shouldn't you be an angel?

Yes, I’m sure I want to work with children for the rest of my life, maybe, sort of, oh no…

[Tidbit: One of the creators of this webcomic is Zach Weiner from SMBC)

I don’t believe in prom dates

18 02 2009

Wikipedia was founded by Prince Arthas?

Krazy Krow and Krakow Studies have unveiled a new webcomic project for 2009: CharlieHorse It has me all confused because the first chapter is entitled “September”. Start from the start. The latest panel is here.

Return of sexy succubi! (Though I will agree with Preston, what’s up with hooves…)

Preston and Charlotte do not look like they are going to get along like Case and Kia in the original Krakow. Maybe that will change, but Krakow is not always that predictable.

Can Charlie succeed as a demonic Henry Higgins to help Preston level up his charisma stats to land a prom date in time?

Check out the other stories from KrakowStudios:

The very original Krakow; skip forward to colour and panels; skip forward to the Demon Sisters

Krakow 2.0 is the tale of a sexy blonde (I mean blonde) bombshell of an assassin employed by a doublecrossing Jesus who kidnaps/rescues the daughter of Japanese magnate …

… and it didn’t end with that: Marilith is ongoing in an edgier new series (start at the start of Marilith).

Oh, if I had the internet monies…

Rejected MegaMan Villains

30 12 2008
コートハンガー アタック

コートハンガー アタック

There is a complete poster of 33 rejects.

This is the creation of Steve Napierski in his gaming webcomic Dueling Analogs.

Where do lesbians come from?

23 11 2008

It’s the one question every firey, luscious, sapphic buccaneer commander fears her Stockholm-syndrome Earth-prize beauty secretary will ask one day.

But does it involve an inferno of spanking?

I cannot wait to hear this one finally explained.

It sounds like something from Yahoo Answers.

Alternative solution to the economic crisis

14 10 2008