No, not Latin and Owls!

16 04 2010

Friday night at the movies:

How do I know this is bullshit? She says Harry Potter was “beautiful written and extremely provocative”. Excuse me? One word. “Muggle,” just, “Muggle.” Whenever anyone tells HP is the bomb, I say this, “Muggle?”

I also think it is a wonder of self-contradiction that such adamant True Believers in the One and Only God, still think that their is power in the symbols and practices of Thor and Wicca.


Should that be “Xenu-phon”

18 11 2009

Scientology Australia have probably just added a new SP to their dossiers after Nick Xenophon’s scathing attack on the organisation early this morning (or late last night) – check out a video report over here.

Senator Xenophon said their correspondence [fro former church memebers] implicated the organisation in a range of crimes, including forced imprisonment, coerced abortions, embezzlement of church funds, physical violence, intimidation and blackmail.

In an effort to charm every divorcee in the country, Scientology released a statement that comments from ex-members are as reliable as that of an ex-spouse about a former partner. You see they mean all the emotional abuse and denial of care with love obviously.

Another charming response on this effort was on Ten’s 7pm Project which brought in theologian Rev Dr David Milligan who was supposed to illuminate the issue, but basically said Scientology can’t be that bad because Christianity (his religion) believes in some crazy stuff you find in a book too.

So close, yet so far… video embedded below, but you’ll have to skip to about 8:35 to get to the Scientology segment (the first story about a guy who goes 600km off course after a wrong turn is a bit amusing though).

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No more mercy

5 11 2009

But it’s a good thing.

Sydney’s Mercy Ministries has gone bankrupt.

While being promoted as a counseling and psychiatric care operation for young women, allegations surfaced last year that the ‘treatment’ consisted of isolation, denial of drugs and exorcisms to expel their inner demons. Showing Scientology isn’t the only cult that preys on people in need.

Megachurch Hillsong, which was the driving force behind the ministry in Australia (it is still operating overseas), has ditched the mess and run away screaming.

How to Start a Cult

31 05 2009

Hat tip: Unreasonable Faith

Creepily reminds me of my time as a Sunday School teacher and regular Youth Camp participant. One of my major *crises* that led me to losing my faith was when we brought a friend along to a camp weekend, which until then, I had just considered a harmless good fun time and another useable excuse to get away from home, and my church friends converted her. Awkwaaaaard.

Worst. Chick Tract. Ever.

29 12 2008

I don’t know how well that claim will hold up. The Chick Publication Library has quite some shockers linking anything it can with the devil. The Usual Suspects include D&D, Evilution, Communism, and those Muslims. with their silly “moon god”.

But Jack appears to have found a new target with the Jolly Man in the Big Red Suit. Yes, Virginia, believing in Santa Claus will get you sent to hell. PZ has good screen caps and some other commentary.

The story centers around a nice young lad who when he is told Santa isn’t real goes all ninja – he flips out and kills people.



He flips out. And kills people. Over Santa Claus.


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Thetan Hitler tanks Tom Cruise

22 12 2008

It’s official, associating with Tom Cruise makes you a douche who believes crazy shit.

Apparently on the director of Tom Cruise’s new movie, Valkyrie, swears that Hitler’s ghost possessed a tank and tried to run over the camera equipment.

It does serve to confirm suspicions that Hitler invented psychiatry and SS really stands for “super suppresive”.{{verify}}

This is what happens if you leave scientologists in charge of your catering.

Let me axe you a question

20 10 2008


Shameless host promotion! WordPress has enabled polls!

My chances of getting someone to crash my blog* have gone up +100% (from 0%)!

Am I over using exclamation points! (That’s not the poll question)

This should have been tacked on to my previous post:

For the five people I know who are reading this.

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