Japanese fashion hits a new low

14 11 2008

If I’m paying any attention to new sciborg assimilate Isis the Scientist, it appears that fashion is a subject of science.

Not content with breeding fertilizing salmon with trout sperm, Japan has crossed the line that shall not be crossed once more and produced a hybrid between jean pants and g-strings. The sexy and the horror astounds.

Do your jeans hang low?




12 responses

15 11 2008

That is something special… How long until 10 yr olds are wearing it, you think? A year, maybe?

PS like your blog – added you to my blog list 🙂

15 11 2008

Maybe when hi-skirted maid outfits go out of fashion?

PS: like OMG I was adding your blog to my list when I read this comment

18 11 2008
Isis the Scientist

Those are absolutely wretched. If I didn’t love to see my name linked to so much, I would be abhored to be connected in anyway with these jeans. But, thank you for the link.

15 01 2010

where can i get a pair…

10 04 2010

can i be honest? from a dude’s standpoint? those are pretty sexy. and although you socialites are sitting behind the computer screen babbling about how horrible and terrible they are, people too sexy to put into words are actually wearing them. Maybe, instead of badgering the hell out of every sexy thing that comes out, you could conform and be a little attractive to the opposite sex? at all?

10 04 2010

Two things:
People that may be less than “too sexy to put into words” are also (possibly) actually wearing them.
I think people may be confusing “sexy” with “sexualised” (and even “slutty”).

I do take pride in my appearance (for the sake of both sexes). However, don’t think getting into a pair of these will increase my aesthetic for anyone.

10 04 2010

nobody cares about your “aesthetic”? I don’t even know what that means and do not care to look it up, those pants are sexy, and being sexualized is most definitely not a bad thing.

12 04 2010

I never said it was bad thing. Even “slutty” can be good (or at least not so bad) in the right context.
But, they aren’t the same thing.

Perhaps I feel understanding some semantics that help you differentiate synonyms is a useful skill, along with the basic comprehension and motivation to not just ignore words that contain too many syllables or strange new dipthongs.

It’s a cool idea. But I don’t think it will catch on, and I really hope it doesn’t. Think of this way, would you want to see your mother in a pair of those?

16 11 2010

The idea is sexy but the jeans need some work. Rasta, it’s not that the people posting comments in disagreement of the pants are unattractive and don’t like sexy things, it’s that wearing something that is obviously meant to show you as a sex object while you are wearing them is not respectful to oneself, at least in this extreme. The other angle they are criticizing this from is the fact that they probably have kids and, even if they don’t, would be appalled if any of them started wearing these. I know I would be.

That being said, it’s cool to be sexy and wear sexy things, as I know I like to, BUT just so long as it’s at an appropriate time and place. Wearing these out in public to just anywhere would definitely lessen the respect you might have otherwise gotten. I could see it being worn at a club or concert, otherwise… no.

Next time, try not to assume the worst about people just because they have a different opinion than you. 😉

9 05 2010

Wow someone knows alot of big words

10 06 2010

I hope they only make it in small sizes. Imagine a 250 pounder in that.

16 11 2010


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