Do you teach about dinosaurs?

29 06 2010

The wisdom of Calvin:

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Why do clearly bright and passionate kids not perform so well in class?


Linkdump and run

30 06 2009

So tomorrow, having had recovered from the last few days of furious drinking, running and cleaning, I’ll be making the almost 1000km drive up the Pacific Highway back to Brisbane (in an awesome big red shiny car*).

So here is a quick linkdump to keep you amused – until I get housing, employment and classes fixed posting may become even more irregular than usual. Bear with me, on the positive side, I should be able to amp up the quality of my posts as I will now be (A) student with nothing better to do, (B) be in a better mood than recent months.

*FACT: Red ones go faster

Image credit: explodingdog

Book tearing

10 06 2009

Is this the real reason why Skeptics practice phone book tearing in pubs?

Robotic heads, Abe Lincoln, gun-toting monkeys and of course, zombies

25 11 2008

via iO9

I was going to post about some more interesting news…

Then I watched this…

… my post title barely touches what is awesome in this awesome steampunk pilot of awesomeness

I’m going to sleep now because nothing will ever be as awesome as the last 20 minutes. Nothing.

We are the Strange: Complete and on YouTUBE

4 11 2008

Do you remember crazy internet-basement director m-dot-strange and his video-game/japanime inspired techno multi-animation (str8nime) indie film We Are The Strange?


Well the whole thing is available on YouTube.

Subtitled in 17 different languages.

Now great for deaf and foreign people (and especially deaf foreign people*), but does sort of detract from the viewing experience. Think I might buy a DVD instead.

Anyway below is not the film, but why you should watch the film. If nothing more than because it is like nothing else you have ever seen or will ever see again. It’s only $20.

*but not deaf foreign illiterate people, you’re fucked, and cos you can’t read this it doesn’t really matter what I say, haha

Three reasons to be nostalgic

11 10 2008

Awwww…. *sigh*


Herman the Manatee

8 07 2008

Join Herman on his “heartwarming adventures”, updated weekly.

You’ll have to click through to see how this episode ends.

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