It’s Alive!! is the successor to my previous blog, Kickin’ Moron Ass

It’s Alive!! hopes to be a little more mature, a little more structured, a little more educational and a helluva a lot more kick ass.

It’s Alive!! hope to focus on life biology, bioethics, science communication and related topics. However don’t be shocked to find some social commentary, politics, pop culture, art, poetry, Australiana or mandatory shilling of T-shirt designs

Further details on Michael A Zimmer (me), ZayZayEM (also me), blog content, and general housekeeping coming soon…


All post content should be considered my own personal thoughts and opinions at the time they were written – they should not be taken reflect the opinions of any past, present or future employers, academic affiliations, or even myself.

There is no guarantee that any information found on this website is true.

No part of this website should be considered legal, medical or any other kind of advice. Thank you.


One response

19 09 2008
Jylan Wynne

Hey well isn’t this funny, I found YOU while browsing blogger for people in Yeppoon :-). Love your header image btw, it looks really cool.

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