Dapper dolphins dealing crack to children

18 08 2009

And they think it’s just one big joke.

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Behold the UggCroc

16 07 2009

Pic: UggCroc at the Valley Markets (yes, it’s what you think), originally uploaded by David Jackmanson. (Creative Commons by Attribution)

Pure Awesome.

Scientology, Hookers, and The Home Shopping Network

25 05 2009

Wow! Or is that ShamWow! (full story at skepchick’s blog)

Thank you 111th Skeptics Circle.

Bundy Bear Nazi Secrets Revealed

26 04 2009
Yes, the Bundaberg Bear is a Nazi!

Yes, the Bundaberg Bear is a Nazi!

Shocking revelations that everyone’s favourite Australian alcohol mascot has a hidden past as former officer in the SS.

MOAH WTF at pictureisunrelated.com

Inside the tomato

16 02 2009

I can vaguely make out this is meant to be Tomato sapiens, it has a mouth, heart, lungs, gizzards, and I don’t know much of the other kanji, but I think there is at least one kidney.

How ethical is you vegetarianism now, huh!?


Hattip Alan and Danny Choo.

Answer to Danny’s question: In a tomato’s sweet delicious heartbeat.

No can haz Pengwin

21 12 2008

Soree Mistah Orkah

That is one clever/lucky penguin.

If I was on that research boat though, I would have been scared as shit that the whales would proceed to rip my boat apart for giving refuge to their tasty snack.

Do you think a cheetah would just sit back if the gazelle jumped into the back of your truck?

Where is your prime directive now?

Robotic heads, Abe Lincoln, gun-toting monkeys and of course, zombies

25 11 2008

via iO9

I was going to post about some more interesting news…

Then I watched this…

… my post title barely touches what is awesome in this awesome steampunk pilot of awesomeness

I’m going to sleep now because nothing will ever be as awesome as the last 20 minutes. Nothing.