Fair go, mate

22 01 2009

funny pictures
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Enuff fail – thyme for suksess

6 11 2008

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

This is my photo of Wiggles. Taken with a camera phone while I was volunteering at the Rockhampton Zoo.

Wiggles is a southern hairy-nosed wombat, NOT a feline-porcine hybrid.

But he really is that cute. Like a furry little piglet.

You can read more here about the Wombat Research Centre where Wiggles was born.

There has been talk of shutting down the Rockhampton Zoo, which would spell trouble for Wiggles, their two chimpanzees and a whole host of other critters. Let’s hope some of the some of the government funding being funneled in their direction will stave of collapse for now.

Here’s another gorgeous photo of him I found online. That little stubby pointy thing is his tail by the way, not anything else.

Taxonomy fail: lolcat edition

7 10 2008

Taxonomy fail – lolcat edition
fail owned pwned pictures

More in the Taxonomy Fail series.

US Armiez Cookiez Gets!

21 09 2008

Nom Nom for all!

quick, before the Girl Scouts come back

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Old taxonomy fail

15 09 2008

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HINT: read the caption down the bottom

Back to Serious Business

13 09 2008


Too much self indulgent narcisstic posting.


Here enjoy a lolcat.

Lolcats make everything better

Image credit: Jair. lol caption: foxumon

Cyborg Pirate Ninja Jesus

2 09 2008

(I’m too tired to write a post)

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