If you are having trouble understanding the election

21 08 2010

Hat tip: Dave the Happy Singer

You can learn much from this video which offers a brief overview of recent politics and issues in Australia.

Yes. It is true. In Australia we choose our leader by dangling rancid meat and political portraits before a crocodile pit and hurl beer cans at those crocodiles.


Stacks On!

31 08 2009

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Such is life in prison – someone is gonna make you their bitch.

Star Tortoises at Melbourne Zoo – caption and photo by zayzayem.

Roughhousing Aussie Youth

1 06 2009

004, originally uploaded + © maisierevenge.

… must … resist … urge … to … post … cuteness …

More than medicine

26 05 2009

Hot on the heels of discussions about Pharma and digital media – GSK has recently launched a corporate blog More Than Medicine. They aren’t the first Big Pharma to do so, Johnson & Johnson is also present in the blogosphere with JNJ BTW.

The idea behind the blogs is to create a more comfortable dialogue between these large overarching organisations and the end-product consumers (i.e. you and me).

J&J: “Everyone else is talking about our company, so why can’t we?

GSK: “Our goal is to encourage an open, productive discussion about a range of topics .. that doesn’t sound like it’s written in ‘legalese’.

Already GSK has been called out for having pseudonymous bloggers – but while it might somewhat detract from their claim to broad openness, it’s hardly a rare thing amongst bloggers (ummm… does yours truly qualify?*) Relationships don’t have to be built up on a first name basis.

Already the two blogs have very different styles, and showcase positive ways in which Pharma can successfully harness this new media. Read the rest of this entry »

Feast of the Unicorn

24 05 2009

Just some things I wanted to get out of my chest of unlinked links (plus I promised dolphins a while ago)

Image credit: submarinefeast ©unforgivablerealness

I never like the holidays

21 12 2008

Merry end-of-year festival season everyone.

No can haz Pengwin

21 12 2008

Soree Mistah Orkah

That is one clever/lucky penguin.

If I was on that research boat though, I would have been scared as shit that the whales would proceed to rip my boat apart for giving refuge to their tasty snack.

Do you think a cheetah would just sit back if the gazelle jumped into the back of your truck?

Where is your prime directive now?