Away and be gone

10 04 2010

The big wide world of the future looms ever closer with every passing moment.

Every time some one reminds me that June, practicals, and then graduations are only “a few months away” I sense it.

Thankfully some stress can fade away this week, as I have finally gotten away my application to Education Queensland. Hopefully they will see it within in their graciousness to bequeath upon me some kind of position to tide me over until my sister’s wedding next year, and the money to reach Canada for it.

In the pre-service teacher careers seminar I attended the EQ representative did say that “early February” was a good time to submit applications to maximise the chance of mid-year appointment. Perhaps I am a little late. But, given this seminar occurred in late February, I am not sure quite what I was expected to do about that. Read the rest of this entry »


Internet stole my weekend

27 10 2008

My internet is being really narcoleptic lately. So if I conk out completely, please accept my apologies.

I have been subscribing like mad to feeds using iGoogle and Google Reader (I take advice!) and that’s also been sapping my internet time as well.

You can check out my shared reader items here. Which means I may actually have to start providing better content here. Hmmm….

I’ve also created an icanhascheezburger account. So gaze into my awesome lol powers:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Multi-purpose microwave

22 10 2008

I love that the microwave in my new place doubles as a grill/oven. I swear it’s almost like I moved back to Japan.

I will be able to make enchildas! and nachos! and potato bake! yum!

On the topic of microwaves with multiple purposes:

The internet does not fail simultaneously amuse and disturb .

Anna Rexiosis

7 10 2008

No one is going understand that. So don’t even try.

“I was never anorexic, so I was never that skinny… I was never bony-bony. But I remember thinking, ‘I don’t want to be this skinny.’” – Kate Moss to Interview, emphasis not in source (celebrityfix)

While Kate Moss may not have had a weight-conscious psychological disorder, she may still have been anorexic. Anorexia is a medical term for loss of appetite, no matter the underlying cause. And its generally not any less healthy if its brought on by stress, drugs or religious motivation.

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In the Cold Heart of Sydney

12 09 2008

So I arrived in one piece.

I think an irate taxi driver ran up my car’s ass last night as I stopped at traffic lights too long trying to work out where I was. More fool him, my tow bar has undoubted done worse to him then he did to me.

My room number is room 13, floor 13, which I think was rather ominous.

I spent this morning on hold with optus for over an hour trying to work out why my internet wasn’t connecting. Yes, my internet worked fine in Yeppoon, but in almost down town Sydney, not a chance. After being on hold for an hour, I was told to visit the local optus store, which not only took another hour to find (“it’s on the corner of Miller Street and the Highway” — there are FIVE corners there) – but the friendly staff there couldn’t help me either.

Thankfully whatever temporary tower crash was affecting them this morning is over and I have my internet back. It ahs however disrupted much of my expeted househunting I was aiming to get done today. Looks like I’ll have to get right back on that and less of this tippety tap.

Just blew into the Windy City

4 07 2008

Last Monday I moved to Brisbane.

Previously I was living on the edge of the tropics in the beach side pseudo-paradise of Yeppoon – near Rockhampton (as one of my fellow interviewees put it – “the place with the bull testicles“).

Why would I move from sunshine, surf and fresh air to the cold harsh soulless city? Well, mostly for the cash. I need graduate employment. A problem which appears to have been solved within three days of arriving.

Boring personal gibber below the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

Mere parasite, perhaps … but growing

27 06 2008

Today in an interview process I was asked what I thought had been an area of personal growth for me.

I was always raised to be open minded, but I think only open minded in the way Bianca from Big Brother (hey, have an open mind about TV too…) is “open minded”. I was raised to be aware that other people had opinions and ways, but MY ways were the correct ways. Sports were stupid. Cars were silly. Being smart mattered. Not knowing something made you worthless. Yes. I was an elite geek (elite enough to still reject the term “nerd”, vulgar and American…). Bruised, but proud in my achievements in the rugby-is-sacred culture of an all boys Catholic bording school in regional Queensland.

I’ve definitely moved away from that position. I recognise the value of sports for both kids and adults. It’s entertainment, skill building and fitness. I understand that actions make you a jerk, no matter how smart you are. I even eat vegetables I didn’t eat before. And probably even best of all in the self development column, I can comfortably point out when I disagree with someone.

Many of my science stories used to come from PZ MyersPharyngula – hence the tentacle reference in this entries title. I’m still a big fan, and a daily reader. But I think I need to develop some indie blogger cred, Indie Pete style. We parasites need to stand up against the strongarm oppression of the betentacled overlords, or shameless traffic whores, or whatever.

I’m going to try and expand my repertoire to some other science blogs. Like scibling Carl Zimmer’s The Loom, or Nature’s The Great Beyond, and nice gems, like Science Made Cool.

SMC is home of Zygote Games, an American company combating the rise of Latin pokemon wikipedia entries by “creating games which are fun and challenging, but which are also based on real science”. I’ve recently bought Munchkin. But if this nice little kids game – Parasites Unleashed! – had been available, I would have probably bought it instead. It looks like a great activity for school kids, and could easily be adapted to a drinking game. University students need learning too!