Suspected zombie outbreak in Melbourne

1 05 2010

Warning: We have a possible patient zero

(Image: xkcd)

I hope this new-fangled national health reform has some sort of measures that prevent the dead just up and walking out into the streets and cause the zombie apocalypse.

To be fair, Mr. Thornton is still speaking, however may be deluded as he still professes disbelief in his death despite documents clearly stating otherwise. He may not be a zombie, perhaps a vampire or post-mortem deity?


Winners all round

31 08 2009

Cheers to iinet who decided to give me a trip for two to Sydney to catch the Australian vs New Zealand rugby union match. Another flimsy excuse for a lack of recent postings.

In other news Kathy Belov did the Australian Museum People’s Choice Eureka Prize. I’m gonna try and count this as a poll crash win! Woo!

And finally. Me On 3 submissions with Aunty III have now closed. Below is the channels tribute to over 5,000 entries. Remember there can only be one!*

*Actually, I think there will likely be more than one

60 Second Science: Kids competition

12 08 2009

Through the ABC Teaching Science mailer.

Children in Australian schools can win cash prizes by creating a 60 second science video. The video can be filmed or animation, and must “demonstrate and explain a scientific experiment, principle or concept.” (Full rules here)

Registration closes at the end of September. The prize has been set up thanks to funding from the Victorian Department of Education – but there is a $1000 of prize money available in each state ($400 and $100 for first and second in primary and secondary divisions).

Entry forms available here.

Jump, on Three…

12 07 2009

Darn you Auntie!

You taunt me too much. I’m fairly sure I’d just started my previous job and you taunted me similarly with some sort of awesome youth television hosting opportunity (think it was travel around Australia and videotape it for JTV).

This time ABC has announced a casting call for all eager beavers interested in hosting any sort of television show on their upcoming children’s programming channel, ABC3. All you need is a high school certificate. Why again am I trying to get yet another degree?

I just hope they get some decent talent, and not the airheaded morons who host those sponsored video music shows on the weekends at midday, and not contrived scripted personalities like The Shak. Being  non-commercial channel, Auntie has had a good track record of cultivating actual talent.

Applications for MeOn3 close next Friday.

Alas as it was for the BestJobInTheWorld, I don’t have a video camera, so can’t put an entry together. Besides, we are meant to stick to the plan this year.

My new housemate (who I went to high school with) has also suggested this to me. Grrrr…

First swine flu death in Australia

20 06 2009

My boss and some co-workers are flying to Melbourne on Monday to meet with clients. We were joking about how they should be extra careful while visiting the “swine flu capital of Australia“. Maybe she should put herself in a week-long quarantine when she gets back.

One of our Medical Writers pointed out how its all overblown. And I pointed out that no one had died in Australia yet.

Well, I guess I should stop opening my mouth to talk about swine flu from now on. A 26-year old Indignous man from central Australia died in Royal Adelaide Hospital ICU died from a number of complications, including pneumonia. He was infected with the Mexican Influenza A/H1N1 virus.

It is not known where or when the man contracted the virus, nor how much it may have contributed to his fate.

I’ve pointed elsewhere on the internets that WHO has expressed concern over the possibility that Indigenous Canadian groups may be more susceptible to the A/H1N1 virus. Let’s hope that situation is not true here (or there, even).

Do we take this as a sign to panic? That we aren’t doing enough? Or are the governmental precautions still too heavy handed? They won’t do anything to help, they did not help this man? Does this change anything? Is it just a continuation of SNAFU ‘flu?

Image Credit: ‘Chasing pig at Gatton College‘, Unknown circa 1940sState Library of Queensland on flickr

Let me axe you a question

20 10 2008


Shameless host promotion! WordPress has enabled polls!

My chances of getting someone to crash my blog* have gone up +100% (from 0%)!

Am I over using exclamation points! (That’s not the poll question)

This should have been tacked on to my previous post:

For the five people I know who are reading this.

*hint hint

Taking an axe to all that is holy

20 10 2008

…on the ABC


Friends of the ABC is rightly unimpressed by cuts to Radio National’s quality programming. It’s something to do with the corporate facist government agenda or something-or-other. But I do agree that the national broadcaster has a duty to serve quality content over just being a cash machine for the government sponsored media.

But what is everyone focusing on amidst the dismissal of “several programs“?

The Religion Report.

That’s right Auntie has decided to throw down the gauntlet and showed of its godless commie glory for all to see.

No more will the government sponsored media pander to followers of God, Ywh, Ganesha, Allah, or Xenu.* If only they could manage the same with government sponsored schools, universities, television, charities, politics…

For those who still require their lust of government sponsored religion by radio, I believe Sunday-night Safran is still on air.

*I do admit using some of The Religion Report online transcripts for Wikipedia and other purposes, high quality objective programming, despite the nature of this post I think it probably is a loss to quality programming on-air if it isn’t replaced by something similar or better. There is nothing wrong with openly talking about religion. I agree with the Canberra Times editorial, some religious adherents are probably thankful for the removal of scrutiny.