Pope’s likeness too scary for Sydney streets (or not)

26 04 2009

Where it all started.

At last years World Youth Day a fake popemobile was used at a  No To Pope Coalition rally. More details on that and other activities can be found at WorldTruthDay.org

Ian is returning to court this week to combat the charges of “having a roof ornament likely to distract motorists”.

He’s being defended by the NSW Council for Civil Liberties.

UPDATE: All charges dropped.

You can still visit WorldTruthDay.org or SydneyAtheists to get more information and discuss freethought activities in Sydney .


Non-religion gets organised

15 11 2008

Sydney Atheists now has a website.

It has yet to include any good recipes containing babies or kittens – though that could be because of the amount vegetarians in their midst.

A brief sketch of recent activities by the Sydney Atheists group from World Youth Day to the Newtown Festival can be found at Critical Mass.

Pilgrims responsible for plague spread

21 09 2008

World Youth Day pilgrims have been blamed for an atypical spike in exotic influenza cases in NSW. CathNews.

Not quite the disease spike I was expecting. Perhaps raging hormones were kept in check .

According the Sydney Telegraph: “Nurses report seeing high rates of of virulent infections among New South Wales hospital patients with ‘new and unusual strains of flu from exotic places’.”

Flu outbreaks amongst the pilgrims occurred more than once (old ABCVideo).

But NSW Health spokespeople note it is impossible to lay the blame firmly on pilgrim carriers or whether its part of normal flu cycles.

Illegal to be annoying in Sydney next weekend

6 07 2008

Well, looks like I can’t go to Sydney. I’d be arrested in no time.

If you weren’t aware yet, regulations brought in for World Youth Day, a mass Catholic pilgrimage in Sydney next week, have outlawed being annoying.

More specifically an “authorised person” (police or other emergency services official) may direct a person to cease any behaviour deemed dangerous, obstructing WYD events, or that “causes annoyance or inconvenience to participants“. Failure to comply with such a directive without a “reasonable excuse” can result in a penalty of 50 units. Police are saying the rules are nothing new, and are similar to rules in place during sporting events.

The main problem is it’s all very vague. Inconvenience may be little easier to delineate, but there is a whole host of behaviour capable of causing “annoyance” that isn’t dangerous nor normally illegal. Some people, including some Catholics, believe it or not, have rather high levels of irritability.