Too Many Michaels

14 09 2008

I swear any children I get naming rights to are going to be stricken with teeth gnashing names.

Michael is by far one of the most popular names in the non-Asian cultures. I suppose it can’t be helped when you are named after the chief of God’s army.

Invariably in the workplace or school there will always be another Michael somewhere, which can cause some confusion.

An interesting recent experience was trying to send an email to a superior explaining a work situation involving myself (Michael Z), a coworker Michael (Michael K), as well as a client – one Dr Michael Michael from University of Melbourne.

I think I managed to even confuse myself in that email.

The Annals of Improbable Research group at Harvard maintain a list of so-called Professor Professors.  Filled plentifully with Asian (Wang Wang) and Arabic names (Abraham Abraham), but also some more European ones, like Warren Warren (of Warren2) and the deceased James James.

Oh, to anoint fruit of my loins Zimmer Zimmer (German: Room Room).

Image credit: somewhere on the internet…