Taking the buzz out of life

28 07 2010

Nature has an interesting article exploring the ramifications of a world without mosquitoes.

Overall the benefits appear to outweigh the negatives – but they are still given their credence. Mosquitoes, and their larvae, may be physicaly miniscule, but they are big players in the scheme of things. Their removal would have effects on food chains containing birds and fish, plus wider ecological effects – such as plants losing pollinators and changes to deer migration, and also possibly cause over-population in already stretched human communities.

Image: mosquito by tanakawho (CC by A from Flickr)


Post-halloween zombie roundup

4 11 2008

Okay, it’s not really a roundup… but blame PZ for just adding to random zombie madness.

The rest of links come from i09 which has had some great zombie links up recently:

Banners ahoy!

12 08 2008

How cool is my custom banner up above.

Along with half-assedly updating my “about” page, I’ve also provided the appropriate attributions to the kind flickr users who have contributed to my nice banner.

The banner collage combines my own photographs with some Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 photos of creatures I have some fascination with.

Take a little time and try and see if you know what every animal is.

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