Teenage attention span too short for Facebook

5 07 2010

An online gaming site has done a survey which reports that the main reason for teens leaving Facebook and other social networking sites is that it is not interesting enough for them. Obviously they need more ways to poke, bite, stab, tag, chat, and farm their friends.

While “It’s boring” ranked first amongst ‘lapsed facebook users’ (45%), not far behind was unsurprisingly “too many notifications” (27%), too hard to keep up with activity (21%), and too many ads (20%). Also coming up was the presence of parents and *shudder* other adults on Facebook. They do realise that it is meant for older people, right? (But not parents though, that is weird).

The gaming site obviously asked about social network gaming, and the economics related to it. I’m pretty happy that about two thirds of kids realise spending cash on virtual currency, clothes and power ups is a waste of money – but perhaps disheartened at the number of parents who have given children a special allowance to waste on virtual pitchforks and carrot seed. These parents should be really encouraging children to be online for at least tangible, if no less frivolous objects, such as crap on eBay, retail games (such as Steam or an MMORPG), or digital downlaodable content off iTunes. That would be the responsible thing, for sure.


GraphJam: Child’s Estimate of Parents’ IQ

31 08 2009

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Why parents aren’t allowed on the internet

20 07 2009

Ye Olde Book of Faces and Social Intercourse

I have one friend’s Mum who keeps trying to friend me on facebook. It started even before I met her in person, and even then, I’ve met her maybe twice.* Now, thankfully, it will be a cold day on Venus before I have to deal with my own mother on facebook … but yet parents and elder extra-generational family members on social networks is a bit creepy.

Not only does it feel as if a bit of your privacy is being invaded – but it also means you have a bunch of adults interacting with children in unfamiliar territory without clear guidelines. Adults do not play nice when there are no rules.

In an attempt to win a prize for Lori Drew of 2009, when Margery Tannenbaum’s daughter started arguing with another girl at school – she decided to list the other girls mobile number on Craigslist as a phone sex chat line. The girls were nine years old.

According to Suffolk County authorities, the mother of the girl intercepted calls before her daughter answered. She said she received 22 calls in one day, in all around 40 calls from various men who saw the ad, including some seeking an escort service. After Craigslist was issued a subpoena, authorities said they were able to track the account to Tannenbaum.

She said, “This is her mother. Can I help you?” The male replied, “Oh. Hot lady lives with foxy mamma?”

There are actually several groups dedicated to getting parents of facebook altogether. I can’t bring myself to actually fan that movement, I do find facebook a useful tool for keeping in touch with my Dad and Canadian relatives (or at least theoretically useful for this purpose).

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*Ye knoweth who thou art

Babies hate your marriage

26 04 2009

Research from the University of Denver on 218 couples, showed that in 90% of couples, having a baby accelerated deterioration of their marriages.

The researcher “cautions against concluding that children damage overall happiness in life” – but just look at those cold hard statistics.

I think what it most likely shows is that having a baby, or getting married, is not a suitable recourse in a failing relationship.

The research appeared to focus solely on partners relationships with each other, not the relationship between parents and their kids. Perhaps their isn’t enough love to go around.

Too Many Michaels

14 09 2008

I swear any children I get naming rights to are going to be stricken with teeth gnashing names.

Michael is by far one of the most popular names in the non-Asian cultures. I suppose it can’t be helped when you are named after the chief of God’s army.

Invariably in the workplace or school there will always be another Michael somewhere, which can cause some confusion.

An interesting recent experience was trying to send an email to a superior explaining a work situation involving myself (Michael Z), a coworker Michael (Michael K), as well as a client – one Dr Michael Michael from University of Melbourne.

I think I managed to even confuse myself in that email.

The Annals of Improbable Research group at Harvard maintain a list of so-called Professor Professors.  Filled plentifully with Asian (Wang Wang) and Arabic names (Abraham Abraham), but also some more European ones, like Warren Warren (of Warren2) and the deceased James James.

Oh, to anoint fruit of my loins Zimmer Zimmer (German: Room Room).

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