Happy Returns

5 04 2010

Yes. Coming back at you like a thing that comes at you.

No excuses available. I just got lazy, bored, and otherwise pre-occupied with life. I was also sick of my laptop and getting money (or credit limit) to purchase an oversized heat screen (iMac i5) took almost as long as getting the damned thing delivered.

For those of you who are still hanging on from where I left you, below is the glory that resulted from last year’s moustache growing month was. In the end my team together raised just shy of $2.5K for men’s health.

This picture was created in GIMP (which I am having difficulty getting to run on Snow Leopard on my new iMac), with much thanks to my flatmate’s hat, gimp.org tutorial on creating sketch effects, and font Bleeding Cowboys.

This picture also highlights just how crooked my nose is. Shame.


My moustache brings all the girls from the yard

18 11 2009

The children at work have gotten over their initial amusement at the sudden burst of facial hair after my return from over a month of absence.

I have gotten two Facebook messages of approval amongst a tirade of uproar – the most vocal being my sister (“for the love of all that is good – go and shave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”) – but the worst comment was probably this video.

So I’ve tried a pulled out my natural charm for this weeks photo.

Mandatory shill: Contribute your donation to men’s health here.

Give me beautiful hair

10 11 2009

Hairy and Scary

It’s that time of year again. The month formerly known as November has once again been transformed to raise awareness of men’s health issues with the power of upper lip growth.

Visit my mo-space where donations are welcome (apparently I’ll get free burgers if I raise over $25 in the next couple of days).

With a quick check of the rules (pdf) by my housemate meaning I had to shave a gap between my sideburns and the ‘tache (I already have one rule violation by starting a day early to celebrate finishing school), here is the result of my first week of facial hair growth .

Work of art

16 12 2008

So with my breakdown fading away into Christm Festivus Festuvial Winter Summer Solstice* cheer.

Why not look back at the achievements of depression awareness in the month-formerly-known as November.

My moustache.

anarchy for the masses
Accusations of photoshopping are unfounded.

Click through for the original.

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