Taking the buzz out of life

28 07 2010

Nature has an interesting article exploring the ramifications of a world without mosquitoes.

Overall the benefits appear to outweigh the negatives – but they are still given their credence. Mosquitoes, and their larvae, may be physicaly miniscule, but they are big players in the scheme of things. Their removal would have effects on food chains containing birds and fish, plus wider ecological effects – such as plants losing pollinators and changes to deer migration, and also possibly cause over-population in already stretched human communities.

Image: mosquito by tanakawho (CC by A from Flickr)


Townsville 1; Bolivia 18

7 03 2009

Not quite the competition you want to be winning though.

Northern Queensland is currently suffering the worst dengue fever epidemic “since WWII“. Last reports I heard, cases were over 200, outbreaks of all four types of dengue have been reported, and the first casualty had occured last week.

Hopefully it will serve as a reminder that appropriate anti-mosquito health regulations on domestic gardens, water tank filters and other breeding grounds do need to be followed – or there can be dire consequences.

However it also important to note that Bolivia is currently suffering from its own dengue epidemic. Wikipedia puts cases around 31,000 and deaths at 18.