You call that a Halloween?

4 11 2008

No ghouls or goblins rampantly terrorising the streets of Sydney from what i saw.

Oh. *Yawn*

You try getting a virgin sacrifice in this climate:

Halloween ‘not what it used to be’ complain satanists

Britain’s satanists and occultists united yesterday to call for a return to the ‘true meaning of Halloween’, amid concerns that commercialism threatens to overwhelm their traditional festival.

‘Hallloween is about giving – giving a virgin a quick deflowering before sacrificing her to the prince of darkness’ said James Faust of the Union of British Devil Worshippers. ‘Where did all the sweets come from? Satan isn’t fat! We want people to see past the pumpkins and crap fancy dress and look at our core beliefs.’

Great satire. But they have mixed up Satanism with occultism.

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