60 Second Science: Kids competition

12 08 2009

Through the ABC Teaching Science mailer.

Children in Australian schools can win cash prizes by creating a 60 second science video. The video can be filmed or animation, and must “demonstrate and explain a scientific experiment, principle or concept.” (Full rules here)

Registration closes at the end of September. The prize has been set up thanks to funding from the Victorian Department of Education – but there is a $1000 of prize money available in each state ($400 and $100 for first and second in primary and secondary divisions).

Entry forms available here.


Naked kids aren’t sex objects

6 07 2008

I don’t think it’s radical concept, is it?

I’m really finding it hard to understand it when morally outraged people are calling art with naked children “provocative”. Then in the same breath these people (*cough* Kevin Rudd *cough*) are saying we need to let children be children.

If we were letting kids be kids, we wouldn’t be too fussed that they were naked now would we. Either they are kids or sex objects, they can’t be both.

Art Monthly Magazine has decided to launch an issue containing multiple naked children artworks in protest over the recent media-generated hysteria over the Bill Henson exhibition sparked by the ghastly victimisation of victims organisation Bravehearts.

AMM receives public arts funding so is going to be in some serious hot water over this. NSW Premier Morris Iemma has already attacked the magazine. Cheapening the protest to a “cheap, sick stunt at the expense of a young child” to boost their sales. Whether it will actual result in anything tangible being brought against the publishing group has yet to be seen.