Abortion in Queensland – is it what you think?

12 08 2009

If you criminalise abortion, what do you expect will happen?

(The Australian) TEGAN Simone Leach was 19, pregnant and “scared” when her boyfriend’s sister arrived in Cairns last Christmas Day with a consignment of contraband tablets and doctor’s instructions written in Ukrainian.

What transpired after Ms Leach allegedly terminated her pregnancy with the abortion pill RU486 and the Queensland police got involved, has unleashed a legal and political storm of the like not seen before in this country.

Ms Leach will face court next month charged with the crime of procuring her own miscarriage, in what is believed to be the first case of its kind to be brought under Queensland’s century-old abortion laws.

If convicted, she faces up to seven years’ jail.

The young man in her life, Sergie Brennan, 21, faces up to 14 years’ imprisonment for attempting to procure an abortion and three years’ jail on a further charge of supplying the means to procure an abortion. [more]

As expected there is quite a lot of anger coming from liberal left sector – with the launch of the Pro-choice Action Collective in Queensland. They have a facebook group and a website. But is this the right case to be defending? Read the rest of this entry »


Video game experiment and the homeless

18 06 2009

No. This is not a ethically dubious research project. WordPress blog of the day for a while has been Alice and Kev.

Robin Burkinshaw is a UK Games Design student who is chronicling the adventures of characters she has created in the world simulator The Sims. The hook is that Robin has made the characters homeless (their ‘home’ resembles a park, has a single ‘room’, and has no furniture or amenities).

Robin says she is avoiding controlling the characters as much as possible, and just letting them play out their actions. The stories are simply amazing, and its not that hard to see how games like this are quite addictive.

The characters are a somewhat twisted version of the duo from Curly Sue. Kev is a mean-spirited crank with absolutely no manners, while Alice is his stressed and naive girl with the traits of kindness and misfortune.

Read the introduction, and then start from the beginning. Mostly it’s photos, so it’s easy to go through. The avatars in The Sims are quite good at not being as soulless as other cartoon sprites.

If you don’t want to trawl through all the pages, my picks of the posts so far are:

Although if you don’t want to read the entire series after previewing those, you have no soul.

Obviously, The Sims does not quite replicate a real world scenario – I do not think the homeless can quite so easily gain access random strangers ice cream, bathtubs and couches – but it’s definitely engaging and raising awareness for an important issue.

I wonder what other issues and scenarios the seems could be used to raise awarenes for?

Is there a doctor in House?

20 04 2009


I’m not a particular fan of medical TV Shows – okay, who doesn’t like Scrubs – I guess I mean medical dramas.

Too many plots and too many issues, and perhaps occasionally a little overdramatic when it comes to scientific accuracy (something you can hardly fault a comedy for).

So it does intrigue me that medical dramas like House and Gray’s Anatomy are being considered educational tools in medical hospitals. No, not on how to perform an Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction- but precisely about those plots and issues that seem superfluous to the medicine.

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Anna Rexiosis

7 10 2008

No one is going understand that. So don’t even try.

“I was never anorexic, so I was never that skinny… I was never bony-bony. But I remember thinking, ‘I don’t want to be this skinny.’” – Kate Moss to Interview, emphasis not in source (celebrityfix)

While Kate Moss may not have had a weight-conscious psychological disorder, she may still have been anorexic. Anorexia is a medical term for loss of appetite, no matter the underlying cause. And its generally not any less healthy if its brought on by stress, drugs or religious motivation.

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You are in the right place

14 09 2008

Do I even have any regular readers yet? (I have been getting at least 300 hits a week)

Anyway my “custom image header” (did I tell you how awesome it is?) appears to have run away. It’s still somewhere in my cybertoolbox see (this is partly just a personal test to check that it IS actually still there…)

It’s just not up there where it is supposed to be.

Maybe by blog has taken it’s title to literally and been making its own choices behind my back.

Bad blog. Bad.

(Apparently this may be resurfacing of an issue prevalent during recent New Year’s)

Not happy with wordpress

10 08 2008

WordPress received its second strike today.

Does not host javascript. Which means I cannot install the Science Blogs widget. Not happy chappy.

You will see at least I now have some out links to webcomics. Will be extending that list too.

Working on further format upgrading and background maintenance. But I think another personal bomb has just hit my life ~ hopefully a happy bomb full of sunshine and promise, but a bomb nonetheless.