Feast of the Unicorn

24 05 2009

Just some things I wanted to get out of my chest of unlinked links (plus I promised dolphins a while ago)

Image credit: submarinefeast ©unforgivablerealness


No can haz Pengwin

21 12 2008

Soree Mistah Orkah

That is one clever/lucky penguin.

If I was on that research boat though, I would have been scared as shit that the whales would proceed to rip my boat apart for giving refuge to their tasty snack.

Do you think a cheetah would just sit back if the gazelle jumped into the back of your truck?

Where is your prime directive now?

And the song goes on

11 10 2008

Something I learned doing research with endangered Australian marsupials was that Australia has the worst record on history as far as extinctions of major animal species.

This doesn’t look set to change anytime soon.

At least my Australian European-ness can feel a little less self conscious – it seems its been that way since humans started arriving on this island.

Particularly Tasmania.

Which is still very depressing. Tasmania’s island of an island status means it does have some of the more interesting ecosystem inhabitants. With creatures like the Tasmanian devil not found anywhere else anymore.

Human arrivals to isolated islands – such as Mauritias and New Zealand – has seen severe eco-damage throughout history.

There is also a feature on this research in this month’s Australasian Science.

Old fashioned family dinners

22 07 2008

Social Spiders do better when hunting with relatives. vi NERS

Remember when you used to just all vomit over an incapacitated corpse while grandpa told war stories… ahhh.


[Also who else is really freaked out by the idea of social spiders… I thought Arachnophobia was full of crap]