Drama, drama, drama

17 05 2010

Some classroom dramas I can do without. But classroom drama is another thing entirely.

I’ve been slowly trying out a few theatre-games I’ve found on this website. Some with after-school care and some in the classroom.

I’m finding theatre games can be tricky with younger kids. For one, even the most attention-seeking children can become shy when put on the spot, and secondly, they often have trouble expressing more complex ideas.

I really enjoy the Name Game #2 – very useful in learning students names. I also tried Emotion Party, The Park Bench and You (the last is a little crazy).

I think next I might like to have a go with Open Scenes, which could solve the problem of not being able to come up with dialogue.


Nude art rules

14 11 2008

ABC News: The fallout from the Bill Henson kerfuffle is here. The Australia Council has released guidelines on how fully or partially naked youngsters can be used in art. Artists will require parental consent, full disclosure and appropriate supervision. No mention of a Blue Card (but I am hoping that is just taken for granted).

The rules seem farely restrained and sensible. The worst in this news article is that works may need to be submitted to a Classifiaction Board before public release. This seems rather reasonable, and a similar process may have prevented the initial uproar of Henson’s photpgraphs – which stemmed from artwork being freely accessible on the internet, not from it being displayed in a gallery.

Less shrieking, more thinking – it actually works.