My moustache brings all the girls from the yard

18 11 2009

The children at work have gotten over their initial amusement at the sudden burst of facial hair after my return from over a month of absence.

I have gotten two Facebook messages of approval amongst a tirade of uproar – the most vocal being my sister (“for the love of all that is good – go and shave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”) – but the worst comment was probably this video.

So I’ve tried a pulled out my natural charm for this weeks photo.

Mandatory shill: Contribute your donation to men’s health here.


Carnivale ahoy

18 09 2008

Tomorrow is talk like a pirate day. YAARRR!

But in the meantime, two carnivals I need to post about (one features yours truly):

Tangled Bank #114 at Science Made Cool.

Carnival of Evolution #2 at Evolution Blog. Thanks very much to Jason who gave me a mention even though my submission was “unrelated to anything [Jason] actually know[s] anything about”. Don’t worry Jason, I have that effect on people.

And I had an excellent time at the Science Blogs 1,000,000th comment party. I think the comment of the hour was actually likely posted while we busy frittering away the tablescraps graciously past down by the SEED overlords on high. We almost got shuffled out by the staff for staying and chatting and boozing too long.

Both Tim and Dan were great hosts (all the best to Dan in his voyage to UK). Also met with some chaps from the Sydney Freethinkers who hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with at some later point again.

Hey, I live in Sydney…

14 09 2008

Okay, so I missed out on my perfect apartment, and likely will have to move into shared housing soon, but I’m definitely IN sydney.

Which means I can now attend fancy events.

Like the ScienceBlogs Millionth Comment party on Wednesday – Hosted by Tim Lambert of Deltoid (and Dan MacArthur of Genetic Futures). Free Drinks on Seed! Wahoo! What an excellent way to deal with humpday.

If you aren’t on the Facebook bus details are:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
7:00pm – 11:00pm
Attic Bar, The Arthouse Hotel
275 Pitt St
Sydney, Australia