Dapper dolphins dealing crack to children

18 08 2009

And they think it’s just one big joke.

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Why parents aren’t allowed on the internet

20 07 2009

Ye Olde Book of Faces and Social Intercourse

I have one friend’s Mum who keeps trying to friend me on facebook. It started even before I met her in person, and even then, I’ve met her maybe twice.* Now, thankfully, it will be a cold day on Venus before I have to deal with my own mother on facebook … but yet parents and elder extra-generational family members on social networks is a bit creepy.

Not only does it feel as if a bit of your privacy is being invaded – but it also means you have a bunch of adults interacting with children in unfamiliar territory without clear guidelines. Adults do not play nice when there are no rules.

In an attempt to win a prize for Lori Drew of 2009, when Margery Tannenbaum’s daughter started arguing with another girl at school – she decided to list the other girls mobile number on Craigslist as a phone sex chat line. The girls were nine years old.

According to Suffolk County authorities, the mother of the girl intercepted calls before her daughter answered. She said she received 22 calls in one day, in all around 40 calls from various men who saw the ad, including some seeking an escort service. After Craigslist was issued a subpoena, authorities said they were able to track the account to Tannenbaum.

She said, “This is her mother. Can I help you?” The male replied, “Oh. Hot lady lives with foxy mamma?”

There are actually several groups dedicated to getting parents of facebook altogether. I can’t bring myself to actually fan that movement, I do find facebook a useful tool for keeping in touch with my Dad and Canadian relatives (or at least theoretically useful for this purpose).

Image credit: unknown – somewhere on teh interwebz

*Ye knoweth who thou art

Surf safe strategy #8

13 07 2009

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Original picture: mine from flickr. Taken at Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Swine flu brain pop

22 06 2009

Rather good UK children’s animated production explains the current swine flu novel Mexican A/H1N1 influenza outbreak.

Some innacuracies, but its hard to tell exactly how dated this might be. Still, definitely good enough at explaining key concepts effectively for schoolchildren

Hattip: Malaysia SMS

Child Labour: Cheaper by the dozen

21 06 2009

This is a very interesting development in the ethical debate of using children in reality family TV – does it constitute a violation of child labour laws?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 has garnered the biggest ratings in it’s four-year history due to the tabloid brouhaha over the couple’s marriage. It has also attracted the notice of the Pennsylvania labor department, who are investigating whether the show complies with the state’s child labor laws.

If no violation is found, could this be a gateway to a number of child sweatshops installing extra security cameras and then claiming it’s really a groundbreaking new reality show, Kids, Inc.

Katrina tried to poison children with fun and games

21 06 2009

A natural disaster has cut off your power supply. Luckily you have a generator. What is your priority?

  • Keep the refrigerator running. Who knows when you’ll next be able to buy milk?
  • Keep your fan/heater/air conditioning going. It’s gonna be a long hard night ahead. It’ll be even longer if your freezing or sweating to death.
  • Television and radio. You need to pay attention to news reports.
  • The playstation or nintendo. Get those children out from underfoot.

Apparently in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, 37 Texans were treated for carbon monoxide poisononing caused by generator emissions. 20 of these were aged under 20. Of those interviewed, 75% were using their generator for video games (granted only 9 families were interviewed).

Does this still fall under the category of catassing?

Kid’s consciences say the darndest things

19 06 2009

I love this comic from SnowFlakes (click through for entire panel and final gag)

Shouldn't you be an angel?

Yes, I’m sure I want to work with children for the rest of my life, maybe, sort of, oh no…

[Tidbit: One of the creators of this webcomic is Zach Weiner from SMBC)