Can they pull off the election?

20 08 2010

Real ad. Real political party.


Graphic violence

5 06 2009

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Australia’s war on the internet

15 11 2008

Internet censorship.

It is beyond stupid. It will not accomplish anything.

I’m not really going to add more on the matter. Read about my government’s plans to ruin the internet at Get up!

I will use at as another excuse to add a poll:

Nude art rules

14 11 2008

ABC News: The fallout from the Bill Henson kerfuffle is here. The Australia Council has released guidelines on how fully or partially naked youngsters can be used in art. Artists will require parental consent, full disclosure and appropriate supervision. No mention of a Blue Card (but I am hoping that is just taken for granted).

The rules seem farely restrained and sensible. The worst in this news article is that works may need to be submitted to a Classifiaction Board before public release. This seems rather reasonable, and a similar process may have prevented the initial uproar of Henson’s photpgraphs – which stemmed from artwork being freely accessible on the internet, not from it being displayed in a gallery.

Less shrieking, more thinking – it actually works.

Does nobody know the internet anymore?

4 07 2008

via erv

I’m with her, wasn’t this sort of obvious. What else is the internet made for?

I can understand someone like Ignoramus MD, Dr Michael Egnor, being unaware of the nature of the intertubes, but EA – come on, there is some expectation this is within your sphere of expertise.

Spore is THE GAME to come out for god-genre fans. If I can’t get an intel processor by September (Australia release date) I will be seriously contemplating an ebay auction for my spare kidney.

I did think their rating of “E” might be a bit light, for a biology/society game that will obviously have some elements of both war and sex thrown in there.

It also highlights a problem that will always arise with freely shared user-made content. EA is presented with the option of either censoring innapropriate content, or accepting liability for minors accessing content. I think the compromise of a user-checks system, that has been shown to work moderately well with sites such as YouTube is probably the easiest option without restricting user gameplay.

Yes some content won’t be flagged, and yes some flags will be placed on content that don’t deserve it. But as I understand it Spore will have some sort of random monster generator. I think that some creationist gamers (or gamer parents) will now get an education in what “massively parallel” random events can achieve (quote mining John Wilkins from here, better explanation of concept available at FAQ). I mean, what are the chances of Spore programming producing a giant dildo-mon by chance?

Image credit: Original caption, photo from Flickr *Gasp Shock* by wednesday181 cc-sa