Future blast from the past

12 09 2010

via Here’s Why

Take in some futurology from the past in these videos – A combination of industry propaganda and promotions from the early 20th Century.

“Frontiers of the Future” (A Screen Editorial With Lowell Thomas) (1937) Archive.org

“To New Horizons” (1940) Archive.org

“Century 21 Calling” (1964) Archive.org

“Connected Earth” (1969) Youtube

Can you see some modern day inventions, perhaps in a slightly different form? And how about those inventions that never eventuated – was it because they were impractical, or an industry related reason, or perhaps they still might-someday-be?

What things did these futurologists never take into account? Perhaps the inverse growth relationship between the size of a TV screen and the size of a mobile handset…


I know where you live

20 08 2008

Just some nostalgia.

Here is the archived web visitor map from my old website: Kickin’ Moron Ass Since 2002

Each red dot represents where the IP addresses who visited my blog came from. The larger the dot, teh more visitors came from that region.

It’s interesting to see how far your reach can get. The dots in Western Africa and South America are particularly intriguing.

A brand new map has just been installed for It’s Alive!! in the sidebar to the right.

Map and tool thanks to ClustrMaps