What, there’s a reputation to uphold?

5 11 2009

This week’s storm in teacup is brought to you by comedy-news-quiz show (we can’t afford individual shows in Australia) Good News Week and Akmal Saleh.

Akmal took the opportunity of national television to go on an expletive filled rant about the people of Rockhampton. This has upset Rockhampton, and the little git has apologised. Too be fair apparently he was punched in the by some woman in an alley who accused him of being a paedophile wog, but hey, who hasn’t?

The ever reliable Morning Bulletin reports Akmal’s version of events at the Rocky Show earlier this year:

The funny man had three days off in Rockhampton and decided to take a camera to the show with his two mates.

The friends dressed in traditional Arabian outfits and did a Borat-esque skit.

The trio was lining up for a ride in sideshow alley when an angry mum confronted them.

“Listen here mate, you’ve got to have permission before you video people’s children,” the woman said.

Akmal said he tried to tell the woman she had it wrong and offered to show her the tape.

“Bulls—, you’re f—ing taping people’s children and you’re a pedophile, you dirty wog (expletive),” she said.

“Go away you idiot,” Akmal said before she punched him in the nose.

She whacked him again, “full-on punches” to his face.

“We just bolted,” Akmal said.

“I thought if we stayed we’d be lynched.”



Iranians banned from studying nuclear technology

9 07 2008

You might suspect this would be the work of Uncle Sam. I’d even be less surprised if it was my own Australian government, or the UK. But no it’s the Netherlands who are promoting racist barriers to education.

The Dutch are more well known for liberal approaches to marijuana and sex, but like quite a few central European countries, there are growing conservative elements preying on fears regarding Arab and Muslim immigration and influence.

This is very sad. Nothing really vindicates the harshness of this ruling.

It just shows gross ignorance and lack of respect on behalf of the Dutch government. Broad sweeping bans against all citizens of Iran from studying nuclear physics and rocket ballistics – including persons with Dutch dual citizenship is just unfair.

I doubt Iran is not above employing Saudi, Afghani, Indonesian, or any other nationality, to aid in any nuclear programs. Nor does it appear to prevent someone abandoning Iranian citizenship to pursue training.

Why just Iran? Why not North Koreans, Pakistanis, or other potential breakers of the nuclear proliferation treaty.

Indeed, if this technology is deemed so dangerous in the hands (or minds) of the wrong people, why even have public education programs in it at all?

Other countries have appropriate screening for foreign nationals wishing to study such technology.

And as the Nature article highlights, many international students are against the oppressive regimes in their mother countries. That is part of why they are studying abroad.