Date with Grace: Reverse facestalking

12 09 2010

I wonder if Grace knows about this?

Sydney facebookers can try to woo blondeshell Grace Carter by petitioning the event page. If she likes your “vibe” and your offer on the RSVP, she’ll go out with you. Could be more authentic than Kate’s Party.

I stumbled across this through a sponsored ad, so I don’t know if this venture is actually cheaper than more conventional internet hook up websites (unless it was free trial advertising).

Would be suitors, might be wise to check Grace Carter’s personal profile, she has a tattoo (not that there’s anything wrong with that*), has a gambling problem (likes “Winning at Life”), and perhaps has a thing for 2 girls: 1 cup^ (likes “Heaps of Shit” & “Authentic Shit”). If that appeals and you’re African (likes “Kenya” and “Oxfam”) who likes taking your gurl “to da movies” and random yet public internet hookups, go for it tiger!

*plus, at least it’s not a tramp stamp

^if you don’t know, you don’t want to know


Have links at thee

22 01 2009

L I N k23 S

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What does the internet hold for us this week:

Six cases of shameless advertising (well ones that got caught). Four of which are consumer medications (alternative therapies) making claims that just aren’t backed up by any evidence.

Phsyicists are trying to steal the Cute Microbes trick, by developing plush particles. No! Physics is not cute and furry. It’s dangerous and explosivey. No one was ever hurt by cute and fuzzy biology – its organic and natural. Stop the persecutions!!!11! (via Bench Press)

Mmmm… Yellow Cakes

Who is Dr. Phwoooar? Seriously, can someone get a hold of this tract?

Placebo television. Works just like real television without really being television at all. Maybe?

On real television, guy from Top Gear is making a kids science show. Actually sounds good.

Cyprus is turning into a dessert. No sorry, a desert. Actually, that’s not good.

Disturbing image of the week.