No, not Latin and Owls!

16 04 2010

Friday night at the movies:

How do I know this is bullshit? She says Harry Potter was “beautiful written and extremely provocative”. Excuse me? One word. “Muggle,” just, “Muggle.” Whenever anyone tells HP is the bomb, I say this, “Muggle?”

I also think it is a wonder of self-contradiction that such adamant True Believers in the One and Only God, still think that their is power in the symbols and practices of Thor and Wicca.


No more mercy

5 11 2009

But it’s a good thing.

Sydney’s Mercy Ministries has gone bankrupt.

While being promoted as a counseling and psychiatric care operation for young women, allegations surfaced last year that the ‘treatment’ consisted of isolation, denial of drugs and exorcisms to expel their inner demons. Showing Scientology isn’t the only cult that preys on people in need.

Megachurch Hillsong, which was the driving force behind the ministry in Australia (it is still operating overseas), has ditched the mess and run away screaming.

Vatican secrets: The original Macroscope

2 09 2009

One of my favourite sci-fi novels is Macroscope by Piers Anthony.

Note: Although Anthony is famous for his light-hearted Xanth series. This is a novel for adults, and deals with a lot of serious and heavy historical and social issues, and yes, that means violence and sex.

The macroscope is a powerful transmission receiving satelite that can detect pretty much every wave emitted in the universe. Theoretically with such a device one could observe every event in history anywhere in the universe.

With the device scientists are able to observe the demise of several distant historical alien species (one through personal greed, one through violence, and another reckless abuse of their environmental resources). Scientists also detect another special signal that only the people with high IQ (i.e. most of the scientists) can discern. Unfortunately, everyone who watches this signal turns into a catatonic vegetable. The story follows the one alleged genius who may be able to discover the secret behind this transmission.

The idea of a Macroscope is quite interesting, and is almost what our existing satelites and telescopes do already (receive various forms of radiation as it reaches Earth). So why can’t we observe what happened 40,000 years ago on Earth in real-time?

Apparently, in the 60’s, a Venetian monk, Father Pelligrino Ernetti claimed to have a device that could do just that. The device was called the “chronovisor” and apparently resembled a television.

Instead of receiving broadcasts from local transmission stations, however, the chronovisor could tune into the past to allow the viewer to see and hear events that had occurred years or even centuries earlier. Father Ernetti told [Father] Brune that the machine worked by detecting all the sights and sounds that humanity had made that still floated through space.

That’s right: Catholic scientists invented a virtual time machine. And apparently they saw the crucifixion of Christ, Napoleon’s conquests across Europe, and the penning of Thyestes by the Roman poet Quintus Ennius.


Now here comes the unbelievable part. You can not see the device anymore because the priests destroyed it. It was too dangerous, as it might invade people’s privacy and create a dictatorship. Really? Catholic priests don’t want blind obedience and total information awareness?

Something about that just doesn’t add up.

Bible-based marriage

9 06 2009

Bible-based schooling sends mixed messages. Case in point: “Chrsitian marriage”.

This path leads to the madness of rebranding prostitution as “Temporary Marriage Contracts”. I shit you not.

hattip: Critical Mass

Chicks in chainmail fight Christ

2 05 2009

Facebook, and a few other sites I visit, have been lambasted with lame “Chicks in Chainmail” banner ads for an online game called CIVONY.

I’d almost written it off as too lame without proper English editorial support (ProTip: if you wan’t English to be the primary language of your game, make sure you can speak it) but then I saw this on the message boards.*

Christ, level 10 hero vs. Elizabeth, level 5.

So I checked it out, on the hope

The game is a pointless timesink that is only suitable for people with lots of spare time on their hands (unlike any other MMO?). The frustrating thing is that to start of things build too quickly when you don’t have the resources to build, and then later on you have surplus resources, but build times take too long.

It reminds me a little of (now Legends of Elveron) but with graphics, and not as well designed for “log in once a day” style of play.

I ditched the game about two weeks ago. Looks like they have put up some patches to fix the bugs. But I don’t think I’ll waste my time checking that back out.  I had way more fun with this game.

*There is also a thread (or several) bemoaning the total absence of buxom blonde viking girls from the game. A new FAQ now states “There is no queen. It was a maketing tool.” No!? For shizz?

Festivus miracle!

30 12 2008

Jesus born to Virgin Mary on Christmas … so reads the headline.

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Worst. Chick Tract. Ever.

29 12 2008

I don’t know how well that claim will hold up. The Chick Publication Library has quite some shockers linking anything it can with the devil. The Usual Suspects include D&D, Evilution, Communism, and those Muslims. with their silly “moon god”.

But Jack appears to have found a new target with the Jolly Man in the Big Red Suit. Yes, Virginia, believing in Santa Claus will get you sent to hell. PZ has good screen caps and some other commentary.

The story centers around a nice young lad who when he is told Santa isn’t real goes all ninja – he flips out and kills people.



He flips out. And kills people. Over Santa Claus.


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