Clean Graffiti? Where’s the crime?

29 06 2010

via EpicWinFTW

The authorities don’t seem to impressed by this eco-graffiti artist, even though he isn’t committing any vandalism.


I Made This

29 06 2010

Well that’s another 12 months gone.

And here is all¹ I have to show for it.

This is a collage made up of business cards and free (advertising) postcards that you pick up on campus, at restaurants and clubs etc.

Can you work out what has gone into it (and bonus points for from where)?

I used to have one made up from my cards picked up while I was at CQU and things I picked up in Japan. Sadly I lost it when I moved back to Brisbane from Sydney. My landlady said she’d send it up, but I’m still waiting, still waiting … she also has my map of the world. Bitch.

¹”All” may be a bit of an exaggeration. Hopefully I’ll get even more bonus letters after my name in under a month.

Is this anti-racism comic being racist?

9 05 2010

Take a look at this comic:

This is clearly a comic against racism, but is this particular page racist?

Click the image for the complete comic.

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Hello. What’s your name? Aaaaaaaaagh!

3 05 2010

Pink titty woman. Hehehehe...

No, it is not my Friday night pick up line.

While I’m busy stressing over my last two pieces of assessment – both taking an indigenous angle – enjoy this delightful Aussie short I rediscovered during my research, Mimi by Warwick Thornton, courtesy of australianscreen.

It does not embed. It is also incomplete. Which is disappointing because the ending is just wonderful.

Rated PG. May contain names, images, or voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons.

Clip 1.

Clip 2.

Clip 3.

The ending involved a raw chicken and body paint. I’ll leave that as a tantalizer for you to go looking for it.

It’s Alive in Brisbane: Pretty Possum

14 04 2010

Finally, I have been able to photograph something living in the Brisbane area that wasn’t a water dragon. I was getting worried they might have eaten everything else.

Actually, I have seen other living things, I just have not had my camera with me when I have seen them.

The rusty critter above was spotted at the QUT Kelvin Grove campus as I came home from the bus stop after ice skating. Possums are pretty common to be spotted on campus at night, and I have seen at least one during the day time.

Later on, closer to my unit, spotted one hanging upside down on a wire outside someone’s house. Thankfully they didn’t notice me taking flash photography outside their window, which may have been a little difficult to explain easily.

Happy Returns

5 04 2010

Yes. Coming back at you like a thing that comes at you.

No excuses available. I just got lazy, bored, and otherwise pre-occupied with life. I was also sick of my laptop and getting money (or credit limit) to purchase an oversized heat screen (iMac i5) took almost as long as getting the damned thing delivered.

For those of you who are still hanging on from where I left you, below is the glory that resulted from last year’s moustache growing month was. In the end my team together raised just shy of $2.5K for men’s health.

This picture was created in GIMP (which I am having difficulty getting to run on Snow Leopard on my new iMac), with much thanks to my flatmate’s hat, tutorial on creating sketch effects, and font Bleeding Cowboys.

This picture also highlights just how crooked my nose is. Shame.

Creativity unleashed

22 11 2009

I mentioned in my last school post (the one about set ups), that I’d used a modified version of The Future Is Wild‘s animal design activity.

While TFiW is more focused on evolution and decent with modification, my class was currently focusing on a more ecological unit – what roles do different organisms have in an ecosystem, how do they interact and how do we classify them.

Previous lessons had gone through self-made classification schemes, traditional classification schemes (e.g. The Classical Greek), and scientific classification schemes. The two scientific classification schemes were taught in my classes. Read the rest of this entry »