Away and be gone

10 04 2010

The big wide world of the future looms ever closer with every passing moment.

Every time some one reminds me that June, practicals, and then graduations are only “a few months away” I sense it.

Thankfully some stress can fade away this week, as I have finally gotten away my application to Education Queensland. Hopefully they will see it within in their graciousness to bequeath upon me some kind of position to tide me over until my sister’s wedding next year, and the money to reach Canada for it.

In the pre-service teacher careers seminar I attended the EQ representative did say that “early February” was a good time to submit applications to maximise the chance of mid-year appointment. Perhaps I am a little late. But, given this seminar occurred in late February, I am not sure quite what I was expected to do about that. Deciding what subject areas and locations to nominate was tricky enough, then there was a rather long list of certified supplementary documentation I was required to provide; identity cards, education records, criminal records, and letters from previous employers to prove I actually worked as what I said I did. I actually am still waiting on the latter from Japan, maybe they are ignoring me. I sent some copies of my contracts which will hopefully appease HR until I get the special statement document they require.

In addition to the EQ application to receive an appointed position, I also had to apply for teacher registration with a  separate organisation, the Queensland College of Teachers. This also mandated a lengthy list of certified documents to support the wild and varied claims I was making – such as my name and where I was born. The highlight was having to visit the Japanese consulate and getting fingerprinted for an international criminal check. I feel ever the internationalist.

Interviews are supposed to be conducted some time during my practice teaching period, which is May-June. So hopefully I’ll get positive notice of those dates soon.

Most of friends agree I should not have too much trouble as I check many of the “wanted” boxes in education at the moment: male, young, teach grades 7-9, teach math & science, experienced with children, and possibly ESL (the last partly why I need documentation from my Japanese employer to prove I have experience working with children from non-English speaking backgrounds – NESB). My downfalls are pretty much related to me not having a car and only looking for employment over the immediate 12 months after graduation. My flexibility may be the key factor.




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