Happy Returns

5 04 2010

Yes. Coming back at you like a thing that comes at you.

No excuses available. I just got lazy, bored, and otherwise pre-occupied with life. I was also sick of my laptop and getting money (or credit limit) to purchase an oversized heat screen (iMac i5) took almost as long as getting the damned thing delivered.

For those of you who are still hanging on from where I left you, below is the glory that resulted from last year’s moustache growing month was. In the end my team together raised just shy of $2.5K for men’s health.

This picture was created in GIMP (which I am having difficulty getting to run on Snow Leopard on my new iMac), with much thanks to my flatmate’s hat, gimp.org tutorial on creating sketch effects, and font Bleeding Cowboys.

This picture also highlights just how crooked my nose is. Shame.




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