Tokyo responds to North Korea

20 07 2009

In the only way they know how:

A giant robot that will inevitably go berserk and kill us all.

More pics at


[AppuruPai] more pics at Flickr


More pics at Moé Passion and Flickr.

Forget the Ugg-Crocs. This is truly awesome.

I think I just peed a little.

This monster is somewhere in the Odaiba area on Tokyo’s Bay, which was already a pretty awesome area. Sadly, the life-size Gundam is not in position to duel the miniature Statue of Liberty that also lives there.




2 responses

21 07 2009

>somewhere in the Odaiba area

In the Shiokaze Park…but only until 2009 August 31:

Kobe is getting a robot just a tall…permanently:

21 07 2009

Hmmm… nice info. The *Iron Man* statue doesn’t impress me as much as the Gundam. Too round and jovial. The Gundam is a war machine pure and simple. Some people scoff at the idea of building ginat man-like mecha – but honestly, if you don’t shit yourself at the idea of Mr Life-Size-Gundam above (especially with glowing head) showing up and blasting a tank away, you have no fear.

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