Jump, on Three…

12 07 2009

Darn you Auntie!

You taunt me too much. I’m fairly sure I’d just started my previous job and you taunted me similarly with some sort of awesome youth television hosting opportunity (think it was travel around Australia and videotape it for JTV).

This time ABC has announced a casting call for all eager beavers interested in hosting any sort of television show on their upcoming children’s programming channel, ABC3. All you need is a high school certificate. Why again am I trying to get yet another degree?

I just hope they get some decent talent, and not the airheaded morons who host those sponsored video music shows on the weekends at midday, and not contrived scripted personalities like The Shak. Being  non-commercial channel, Auntie has had a good track record of cultivating actual talent.

Applications for MeOn3 close next Friday.

Alas as it was for the BestJobInTheWorld, I don’t have a video camera, so can’t put an entry together. Besides, we are meant to stick to the plan this year.

My new housemate (who I went to high school with) has also suggested this to me. Grrrr…




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