Katrina tried to poison children with fun and games

21 06 2009

A natural disaster has cut off your power supply. Luckily you have a generator. What is your priority?

  • Keep the refrigerator running. Who knows when you’ll next be able to buy milk?
  • Keep your fan/heater/air conditioning going. It’s gonna be a long hard night ahead. It’ll be even longer if your freezing or sweating to death.
  • Television and radio. You need to pay attention to news reports.
  • The playstation or nintendo. Get those children out from underfoot.

Apparently in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, 37 Texans were treated for carbon monoxide poisononing caused by generator emissions. 20 of these were aged under 20. Of those interviewed, 75% were using their generator for video games (granted only 9 families were interviewed).

Does this still fall under the category of catassing?




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