More sprinkles

19 06 2009

For those three of you who read my last message, you may have also noticed a few minor changes to my sidebar.

Firstly, if you subscribe to my RSS feed, could you please consider re-subscribing through my new feedburner feed. It looks a bit pitiful with a “0” counter at the moment.

I’ve also put translation buttons up for German and French. Quite a few German and Eastern European visitors to the site, but sadly mostly looking for naked children… (not to shamelessly self promote, but I wholeheartedly welcome any incoming links and/or diggs to specific articles you find interesting to help assist getting my articles on Bill Henson out of ‘most popular’)

There were a few subtractions: those medical writing blogs, Cectic admitted defeat awhile ago, poor pkay dropped off the radar, and *gasp* Linda isn’t on JJJ anymore (sad face).

But its mostly been additions.

Near the top you should see a link to Oxfam’s Close the Gap project in Australia. Health equality for Indigenous Australians is an important issue.


Southern Fried Science – marine biology with bite
Dose of digital – Medical marketing in a digital world
Croakey – Australian health from Crikey news
Planet Irf – Irfan Yusuf, author of Once Were Radicals, Confessions of a Former Islamo-Fascist
Club Wah – more Aussie journalist bloggings
All Men Are Liars – yet even more Aussie journalist bloggings (this time from the news)
Sceptic’s Book of Pooh-Pooh – by Dr Rachie from Australian Skeptics


Cow&Buffalo Dinosaur Comics CharlieHorse


ParanoiaLive and PuzzlePirates


A bunch of buttons from – but not this one
OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets
Even more badges came from The Science Scouts

Public Library of Science support

Expelled Exposed

And finally got the button working for Mojoey’s Atheist Blogroll! Hooray!




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