Advice to Teachers of Science

5 06 2009

From the New South Wales Government.


In developing the NSW Science curriculum, the Board of Studies undertook extensive consultation with experts in the field to ensure that content, including that relating to evolution, would be consistent with accepted scientific knowledge and understanding.

The Board wishes to remind teachers that Creationism and Intelligent Design are not part of the Board’s Science syllabuses. If taught as part of any school-based program, it must be clear to students that Creationism and Intelligent Design:

  1. are not scientific, nor evidence-based
  2. will not be included in any task that forms part of the assessment of student achievement for the award of the School Certificate or Higher School Certificate
  3. will not be tested in any School Certificate or Higher School Certificate examination and will not be relevant to any response to School Certificate or Higher School Certificate questions.

Effective: Immediately

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Note: Intelligent Design has not been banned from schools. But teachers must make it clear that they are not scientific or evidence based – and that will be irrelevant to any assessment or examination.

Given the ID crowd’s penchant for mandatory disclaimers, maybe they won’t be upset about this (and then I wake up).

Any comments on this mandate?




6 responses

5 06 2009
A Free Man

It should be banned from the schools. It’s rubbish and absolutely not science. If it’s going to be mentioned it should only be in a religion or philosophy course.

5 06 2009

I think it’s a good wording on a tricky subject. This wording allows a science teacher to deal with issues such as children bring up the topic in class. There’s been at least one case in the States (or the UK?) where a teacher has gotten into hot water for telling the student that ID was nonsense/superstition.
NSW government has done the right thing and given appropriate advice for a teacher to fall back on.
“Timmy, that’s not science, and has nothing to do with anything we will be covering for the end year exams”.
Bans on discussions are always spooky for me. If you can’t discuss it at all, you can’t even discuss why.

It also means any teacher who discusses it like it is true (as many US teachers do), students, parents and other teachers can point them to this guideline as they are shown the door.

5 06 2009
TExES exams

It is a great step of new south wales government towards better education. It should be ban because anything which can not be proved is not related to science.

13 06 2009

So much for the so called proof of the Bible. Somebody wrote a fable & it was built on over the years & no one knows who actualy wrote it.

6 06 2009

I dont like it. Not clear enough. These creationist teachers need to be told once and for all to shut their damn mouths about it in the school class rooms. It was just a couple of little comments in my science class by the science teacher that was enough for me to doubt the entire evolution thing and see it as nothing more than mere opinion. This helped in having me waste 20 + years of my life. They also need to get scripture classes out of the school setting, its appears like a normal class to kids and gets taken seriously by many. If they are not going to pay compensation for having believed the nonsense, they should just stop teaching known lies period.

Christians will find any loophole and exploit it. “If TAUGHT as part of any school-based program,”….. they will introduce it into the class rooms and simple saying they are not ‘TEACHING’ it, just merely MENTIONING it. They need their leaders to be ordered into submission or told to piss off to Palestine so they can attempt to install their utopia from whence it cometh.

12 06 2009

I think what they did is right. Helps makes teacher’s position easier.
I actually attend high school in Sydney so thx for the heads up on this news.

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