Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

1 06 2009

Last time I posted a peer review blog, I saw a significant spike in readership (partly in thanks to a digg stumbleupon).

I’m going to selfishly* capitalise on a similar expected spike by asking readers to consider visiting: THIS LINK and donating to my office’s fundraising for The Australian Cancer Council with the Biggest Morning Tea.

The Cancer Council is engaged on all levels of Cancer Support – whether sponsoring clinical trials, providing patients with information, or support services for friends and families. These days it’s pretty rare to find anyone who hasn’t been affected in some way by cancer – even $5.00 can help one patient receive information and other resources.


If you live in Australia, you might even consider hosting your own morning tea event in the coming weeks. There’s always time for cake…

*It’s for charity

Image credit: Swamibu (Creative Commons)
+++++ +++++ ++++++


Thanks to everyone who donated. Our event raised $228.00$248.00. You can register your office, school, organisation or even your lonseome self as a host for 2010 on the biggest morning tea website.




5 responses

25 05 2009
April Brown

It’s an honorable act to become part of Fundraising for this kind of charity. Keep it up!

28 05 2009

I think it is great you are doing this. Hope you put this link onto an email to everyone you know and asked them to do the same. You may get some great results that way! Enjoy the tea!!

28 05 2009

Morning Tea is done. Lots of fun. Didn’t really get too many visitors from outside our ofice, but I think we raised plenty of funds. Will update later.

28 05 2009

Activities included:
A pharmarketing Guessing Game
Hamburger, French Fries & Soda Pop rhythym game
& a Word Association game

28 05 2009

Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I am glad it went well for you and for all who will benefit from your dedication.

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