Back in the 80s in medical marketing

27 05 2009

This bit of commentary by ‘pharmacy insider’ Simon Burrow at the Croakey health blog really should have been filed under humour.

Now this may have been the story, even as close as the early 90’s, but I would just love to see someone try and slip cruise ship tour past Medicines Australia.

Now, quite possibly, Burrow could be talking about the non-prescription pharmacy market – all the front-of-store goodies including a lucrative boom of complementary and alternative supplements. And that is worrying – because these are still marketed as health products – and pharmacies are community health professionals that should take professional pride and responsibility to ensure that the products they supply are based on evidence-based claims of efficacy, not who took them to Cairns for the weekend.

The lesson I’d like to impart from this is just how well regulated the prescription medicines industry in Australia is compared to some other industries. It’s not perfect – people are always trying to push the boundaries – but there are well-intentioned guidelines put in place to protect to all stakeholders – industry, health care professionals and the patient/consumer from exploitation.




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